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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wednesday Round-up

Hidee-ho friends! Here's the Wednesday Round-up, Part 2

NotShyChiRev is a little under the weather as is several of our group. Sending virtual tea and Mucinex his way!

Stacey has strep.

As seen at Susie's
(and several others) "What's YOUR beer personality?"

Sister Steph wants us to know she's still alive. That's always good to hear, Steph!

juniper 68 has lots to say.

I think someone needs to cross-stitch wills mama a hanging that says "A clean desk is the sign of a cluttered mind." Any takers?

Terri C at Psalm 121 is My Friend is trying to clearify her call and she asks for prayers for two of her friends.

Caroline blogs about a healing service that was!

A potential candidate visited Sister Christer's religious community and that got her thinking (and blogging).

Soozi is thinking about our mixed-up priorities.

PJ aka "Rev PJ" had a rough week! Lots of prayers, PJ!

Beth at Wide-Eyed and Laughing asks a darned good question. Perhaps some of you Greek/Hebrew buffs can help her out? She also is thinking about the bias some high teachers have when it comes to reading womyn's literature. I agree!

Lorna (as usual) gets us thinking with the question, "Do You Know Who You Are?" Pop quiz tomorrow.

Em has gone to the beach for a week.

It's a mighty good thing Songbird has children to help handle new fangled technology!

mibi 52 wore me out just by reading her blog!

The full moon is on Natty's and St. Casserole's minds. Nice beagles, Natty!

It seems some of our RevGalBlogPals have seen some pretty interesting people lately:
Amy at Talk with the Preacher saw author Marcus Borg at the National Cathedral in DC; Rachel at The Big Dunk heard Father Thomas Keating at Brown University, and Singing Owl
experienced BB King (yes, the REAL BB King & Lucille!).

Prayers go up for Joel and his wife, Sandra from The Tent Maker. You will find a beautiful eulogy for Joel's mother-in-law there.

Prayers also go up for the family and friends of Tom Fox, who was killed in Iraq. There is a poignant piece written by him the day before his abduction. You can find it at Tierra y Cielo.

This week's "Oh My!" Award goes to my buddy, Quotidian Grace for blogging the answer to the question "Why Should We Move to Houston?" and for her wonderful poem "Big Bunny FuuFuu." You go, Gretel!

Finally, as I live in a household that takes college basketball very, very seriously, I say to RevHRod "Go D---! (My seminary who is the top seed in NCAA Men's Tourney and third seed - I think - in the Women's). And as our Daughter #1 commented about Villanova's player who sustained a serious eye injury, "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye." She was quoting one of my mom-isms from her childhood.

And with that, I'm going to go listen to "Devil with a Blue Dress On!" Ciao!


  1. NotShyChiRev is actually *he,* net, so I hope you won't mind an edit!

  2. "A clean desk is the sign of a cluttered mind"

    Truer words have not been spoken since I only remembered to do round-up today BECAUSE I JUST READ THIS POST!!!


    (i'll be back...)

  3. Net - I just got to the end of your post. Being pretty liberal with which school that team is representing aren't you? Maybe your class was different, but there are not too many guys from my theology percept that are going to be in any major athletic tournaments... although they had the pasty, white look down.

  4. "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye."

    I believe it is at that point it officailly becomes a sport ;)

  5. I am back from the beach and feeling soo much better for it. There is something very healing about the ocean.



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