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Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday, part M-Z

Marking passings: Blessings to Susan who misses an old-friend just met; and Amy, who has had a gray day.

Natty's in a very bad mood... but has a great cartoon!

Jeff blogs Ecclesiastes and MikeF is reading Merton.

Juniper takes a lovely walk ... that was spoiled. Darn people. Speaking of people, who do you expect on the phone? Will Smama is wondering who's really on the other end. Hello? Hello?

Quotidian Grace wants your thoughts about Sunday School during the Summer and RuthRE is looking for book suggestions about discernment.

Rainbow Pastor reflects on a rally and what it means to see God's children in all of their forms. These are tough questions and a worthy pursuit. Willow blogs about Washington, China and DC.

Welcome back to...
RevDrMom has highlights from vacation... Revabi has pictures of the beach. RevEm shares some pictures from her weekend sans children... I'm all for heading to her place for a meet-up. Anyone else? I'm calm from just looking at Becky's picture -- I can't imagine how great her days away were. St. Casserole is back and provides a little insight to her seeming silence. Mibi survived the ride... and had a great retreat.

Reverend Mommy claims complete and total procrastintion when doing the A-Z meme. Wide-eyed also does the meme. (I've seen this a few places 'round the ring.)

Lorna discusses the question of inerrancy, and her daughter has a visitor from Germany!

Celebrity spotting! Celebrity spotting! Don't worry, Carol, I probably wouldn't have recognized him either... And, while not a celebrity in the Hollywood sense, check out who's speaking at commencement...

Stacey went to hear a band, and I've got to say, "You're a lot braver than I am."

Peace and blessings to you all!
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  1. If we all can make such yummy foods, the next book should be a cookbook!


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