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Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday's Double-Triple Reverse Round-Upside-Down: A-L Edition

In a frenzy of likemindedness, Pink Shoes and I have turned the round-up on its head and taken each other's territory. Hello, friends in the first half of the alphabet! Let's see what you're up to this Monday:

Jan comtemplates marketing. Mary describes a truly marvelous cake. Linda has some delightful new neighbors and Bad Alice's daughter provides amusement, while Beth made me wonder if I knew what day it was.

Mindy had a hard day, which she writes about eloquently, and HeavyRevvy understands the darkness.

Getting back to assisting in worship was not the only good news from LutheranChik.
The first group of Bible in 90 Days folk are reading more slowly through Luke.

Chelley is flummoxed, which has to be one of my favorite words.

Tripp is wondering just how much cooperation and collaboration is possible among Christians.

Sarah tells us about plans for two trips, while continuing to contemplate her trip to New Orleans, and Amy had a wonderful trip to Atlanta. Cheesehead is back from vacation and tells us tails of shore and ship. net, also back after some time off, confesses, and I absolve her! (Okay, I can't really do that.)

At CrossLeft, Darius poses some questions about how we define progressive.

Sally has had so many good posts the past few days; go read them all!

It's Monday Night Thoughtball, and the teams are Mercy and Grace!! No, really.

Gord is enjoying Mythbusters. Emily is meming, alphabetically, and Leslee did the Inner Hair Color Quiz. And Gavin is taking a blogbatical.

jo(e) shares pictures of the first green of spring, and James posts a beautiful poem, and a picture of the notebook from which it came. Meanwhile, Preacher Mom's cat has a somewhat less charitable attitude toward wildlife than she does, which creates conflicts.

A-L, it was fun visiting with you! I hope to drop in again sometime.

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