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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Saturday Beginnings

Good morning, friends!

Here's a start on the roundup, and I'll be back to finish in a little bit. Have a pedicure appointment. (time passes.........hmm, hmm, hmmmm......) Okay, I'm back and finishing. Oooo, I love me a pedicure!

Any misconstruals, omissions, errors, or outright lies herein? I hereby humbly beg your pardon and ask you to comment. Blogging is all about participation! See below.

Ordinary Time is working on drafts. That's all. (Edited, per her comment: no, no, no, she's really interested in the NFL drafts! thanks for the help, I am functionally football illiterate.)

Jan's had an interesting job lead that turned out to not really be interesting. Mary's son had a birthday with an amazing cake. Brick Wall is looking for suggestions for places to camp...let her know about any ideas.

Katherine's got a great selection of pictures for us from the past.

Lots of us playing that Friday Five including Bad Alice, Tammyjo, Erin, Sally, Kathryn, Net, Emily, Sue, did I miss anyone?

Bethquick's been to meetings and still looking for input on that Book of Resolutions.

Mindy's got a Friday cow for us and the Mindy Memorial Decorate a Cow contest too! Deadline is May 20! More contest goodies at Fresh Cut Flowers, where the Caption Contest has changed but the photos continue. You definitely don't want to miss this week's photo!

Blanket in the Grove has passed the first of her 7 comprehensive exams YAYAYYAYAYAY! and is still home-hunting.

The Luke Readers are in chapters 10 & 11. Good stuff there.

Canticles is thinking about Islam and Christianity. Brother Terry gives us his opinion about what we are doing here, anyway!? Go see it and share some thoughts. Poor Cathy has been sooo sick, but she is getting better. Take it easy!

Cheesehead has a wonderful, wonderful funeral story. Do not miss it. Contemplative Chaplain, on the other hand has some funeral critiques to share. It's an occupational hazard for a hospice chaplain.

Chelley has some ab-fab Doc Martens: "One should always have something sensational to *wear* in the train."

Clever Title has been visited by her family! and is playing a puzzle. Tripp shares a story from the Sudan.

Sarah at Contradictory Notions is on a weekend retreat of sorts, in Chincoteague. Yes, the place where the book about Misty was written. I am charmed with her descriptions. It's a retreat for me to read about it. Peaceful days to you!

CrossLeft is having a membership campaign. Check it out.

Thoughts about our Ecclesiastical Straitjackets (er, structures)
** Dylan's writes further on discussions of the Report of the Special Commission on the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion, on which she served. Proving her great versatility, she writes in her lectionary blog about Easter 3 and Shrek. :) Really!
** Gord thinks about the United Church of Canada's processes for filling pastoral vacancies. Any church that has a semi-official Camping Sunday each year, I like!
** Net is pondering the results of the Natural Church Development Team Survey on worship at her church. OUCH, I say! But how brave you are to have asked. Blessings on your process...
** Kinesis has some links for us on The Unpleasantness (as we Episcopalians despairingly may call it). General Convention's a-coming (this summer) whether we want it to or not.

I just love to read Sally at Eternal Echoes. We procrastinate alike! and she shares gorgeous, fabulous pictures of the English countryside. Sigh. I could procrastinate all day with her.

HeyJules has an AMAZING FABULOUS EXCITING development and she is not telling what, just yet. You'll have to keep reading to learn.

Cats is sharing what feeds her soul. A little essay in pictures.

Hee hee hee, Girl can laugh at herself and she lets us do it with her. Whatta Girl!

Great to hear from you, Grandma Jean! Notes from the Arab Front.

HeavyRevvy is working in the yard. And working...and working....

HipChickMamma is pondering her next tattoo. Gee, she really IS hip!

Hit the Back Button is Back from his Blogbatical. He has not gotten to rest. See, blogging is what it's all about, Alfie!

JaneEllen is choosing a new home (yay) but it's a really, really tough choice (boo!)

Camel Dance is reading the new Christian Century and commends it to us.

Jo(e) has been mudbathing and cuddling her sick at home youngest. Life is sweet, if complicated and gloppy.

Wishing you all a lovely Saturday evening (by now) and a blessed Sunday! Cheers.

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  1. I meant the NFL draft... but it definitely wasn't clear. Yay football! :)


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