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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Procrastination Saturday--Part 2 (K-Z)

It’s a rainy and stormy Saturday here but we rejoice because we badly need the moisture. That also means we can put off our outdoor chores and read all the Friday Five procrastination posts. Except for mine. I really, really MEANT to do it yesterday, but didn't get around to it because I spent the afternoon entering Mindy's Memorial Cow Contest instead.

So on to a summary of general posts from yesterday and so far today.

Faith and Life Department
: The humanitarian crisis in Africa brings responses from Caroline who urges us to log on to an internet film about the “Nightwalkers” (children in Uganda trying to escape abduction from rebel forces) and Susie who will be attending tomorrow’s march in Washington, DC to protest genocide in Darfur in the company of two young men who were among the “lost boys of the Sudan.” Immigration law reform and the protests surrounding it prompted A Linn to share a story of an immigrant family who lived the American Dream. Rev Dr Mom urges us to re-examine our national priorities. Gas powered scooters and golf carts send Lutheran Chik on a mini-rant about oil dependency and obesity. Methodist Bishop Willmon’s recent message on women in ministry was welcomed by Revabi. Kinesis blogs about the upcoming General Convention of the ECUSA in Columbus, Ohio next month. Willow chooses prayer over protest.

Godblogging: Joel finds similarities in the stories of Christ’s appearance in the Upper Room and on the road to Emmaus. Pam BG reminds us of the power of encouragement. Mary Beth volunteered to lead a study and discussion on Testimony with her Daughters of the King group and distinctly hears God laughing at her. And Lorna reports a medical miracle in her own life.

Personal Notes
: Rejoice in Preacher Mom’s unexpected twin Toilet Training Triumph! That's one RevGal who is REALLY doing the happy dance. Julie shows off her first completed knitting project. Susan Rose confesses some apprehension about the changes that lie ahead as she prepares to enter the novitiate with the Groovy Sisters and prays for trust. Here’s an interesting idea: Wendy stayed home for her own silent retreat and complete media fast for a day—and it was good. Natty also had a good day off. Becky continues to grieve her father’s death in January. Kirsten’s schedule runneth over this weekend. Stumbling Towards Divinity is approaching the finish line as seminary requirements are almost complete and interviews with congregations are heating up.

Love those Pets Department
: Visit St. Cassarole to find out why the kittens Whistle and Fish are on double secret probation. Songbird reminds us that collars and leashes are intended for the protection, not the restraint, of our pets. James shares pictures of Friday’s Cat and Miami Mice.

This ‘N That
: Jeff posted his weekly Friday Pop Culture Roundup, including an interesting review of the book Stiff , which is about cadavers. I’m drooling over Susie’s description of her fabulous meringue cookies. Steph’s 10,000th visitor was from Morristown, New Jersey. And if you haven’t played the ABC meme yet, you’ve been Left Behind! And did I mention Mindy’s Memorial Cow Contest—she’s offering REAL prizes!

T-t-t-hat’s all, friends, for now. A word of explanation: between the time I wrote this and the time I posted, several hours transpired because Blogger was acting buggy and then a significant power outage hit the hacienda. So my apologies for missing those of you who posted after I finished writing this. Please update us in the comments, and good weekend wishes to all!


  1. I took a rather disturbing trip down memory lane. Feeling sad.

  2. Not my first knitting project ever, just the first pair of socks. I used to have a gallery but when I switched the template for my blog all the pictures went away :(

  3. While you're admiring my cat, and wondering at my attempted satire, I hope you read my post on Contemplative Prayer.


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