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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Saturday in Easter Week: The Early Blogs

And, this roundup of the early blogs is LATE! Sorry about that. With no further ado...

Did you see that Jennifer at Ordinary Time has posted her semester's sermons? Good reading, go check it out. Today's sermon from Anglobaptist is here.

Woo Hoo!
TammyJo's got 20 days til graduation!

Welcome to Travelers Together, who are reading the Bible in 90 days. Having tried this (and personally not made it!) with a recent and very supportive group, I know how tough it is. Please keep these folks in your prayers. The Bible in 90 Days group at nuntimebible is in Luke.

Mary's post is titled "Too many prickly trees and no sign of the wood" which certainly resonates for me. Brick Wall has had her windshield replaced at the carwash...mmm...careful with that wand.

Poetry from Peter. And Katherine has turned me on to Over the Rhine, which she describes as semi-obscure folk pop. I'm always the last to know...

Ooo! Bad Alice has dreams populated by Blogfriends! Now, as we tell language students, when you dream in Bloggish, it means you are REALLY fluent! (Or else you have left your current reality altogether...! :) )

Bethquick is still thinking about that Methodist Book of Resolutions & has more specific questions for you. She has an input role, so get those comments on over to her!

Things to do:
Mindy is meme-ing, and tagging YOU. (is that how you spell that! or is it even a word?) Sarah has an alphabet meme. Caption contest at Leslee's . Starving Artists has a poll for us all! and Ciona has a funny ... umm ... something. What do you call that? HeyJules has some great thought questions, complete with her answers. If you want to do some really interesting writing, try these on for prompts.

Erin's off to Fort Worth Arts Festival.

Canticles is working on obedience, which is leading to self-improvement. Our prayers are with you! Brother Terry is a proud papa in a beautiful post.

ChaplainMom is still working on the student group's trip to Taize and struggling with the vicissitudes of fundraising and donors. Here is the advice she received..."Just keep your eyes on Jesus walking on the water. You can walk on the water if you just keep your eyes on Jesus." Good words for us all.

Chelley has a sign (of the times? no, this one's forever) and a book recommendation. Yummy. Christen is thinking about the Dixie Chicks. Dylan writes about the recent AP article on EU2charists.

Sally considers the transformative aspects of worship.

HeyJules has some great thought questions, complete with her answers. If you want to do some really interesting writing, try these on for prompts.

Cats didn't do it! Dont' you hate being unjustly accused?! And if you want to see the world's greatest picture, you have to scroll down a little. There...the Prince. With the cake. He's four. What a treasure.

Gallycat is engaged! And looking for a home. Yikes! Girl tells us about public transport.

Kathryn's officiated at a wonderful wedding. Wish I could have been there. Net's been working with the family of a deceased parishioner and bookstore-prowling.

HeavyRevvy's sister in law has a seizure alert dog called Yahoo! and their story will be in Guideposts in 6 months! Keep your eyes open.

Hipchickmamma's kids redefine "okay." Make me smile! Hit the Back Button has coined a terrific new term: "blogbatical." Blessings to you!

Sophia's finished an internship and is looking forward.

Sue gives us some reviews and shares the BIG NEW THING at their house. The way it was achieved was far bigger, IMHO! Hooray for Pillar!

Jo(e) writes about her Earth Day.

Many players on that Friday Five. Please visit the comments on that posting to see whodunnit.
I loved reading about people's favorites...reminds me I need some new Birks! And hey, haven't had any grapes lately! Though no peonies bloom here, sadly.

Blessed Sunday to all!

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  1. one thing - the blogging the biblein 90 days - finished. But we are now re-reading LUKE in a leisurely fashion - one chapter a day - we're just starting chapter 5. If you'd like to join leave a comment. we'd be glad to have you on board.



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