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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Saturday in Easter Week: The Late Blogs

It's a beautiful spring morning deep in the heart of Texas as I make my appointed rounds through the latter part of the blogring alphabet. After Holy Moley Week some of you took off for a well-deserved rest. Traveling mercies go out to Mibi, Rainbow Pastor, Revabi, and Zinnhead from the jealous wrecks you left behind. I'd mention Will Smama, she of the spectacular all-blogs round-up on Thursday, but she doesn't seem to be resting from her computer!

Songbird's Friday Five Favorites drew a lot of players. I didn't see any real consensus in your answers, but I can tell you LOVE flipflops, tulips and tea (iced, sweet and green).

And now, without further ado, on to the posts.

Children and Pets Department: Revem rejoices in a kid-free weekend thanks to her parental units. Find out why Amy says a mother's shoulders are never pristine--nor should they be! Although health problems are currently plaguing Scog Blog and her husband, her wonderful children keep her cheery. Ginger discovers that Door + Son = stitches and trauma. Meanwhile over at Rachel's, the kids are getting acquainted with their new pet rabbit. Lorna decided spring has come to Finland (the temperature is finally more than zero!) and so embarks on a bike ride with her dog.
Personal Notes
: Loud, Brash and Dramatic "volunteered" to preach this Sunday. Caroline uses the song "May the Love of Jesus Surround You" to tie together her week. Stumbling Towards Divinity is buried in end-of-term papers and interviews. Rebel is supporting CrossWalk America. Blessings to Lutheran Chik who remembers her mother's dislike of her bread machine and examines her conflicting feelings. And Happy Birthday today to Amy Avery!
Just for Fun: Don't miss Reverendmommy's clever shoe post--it includes liturgically colored athletic shoes! James has a clever Magnetic Fib. First one playing What Time of Day Are You was Wendy. Susan Rose took the At What Price Would You Sell Out? quiz. Miranda took the What's My Funky Inner Hair Color? quiz--I think you have to be twenty-something to get that one. And Will Smama is SO obsessed with Blingy Blob...

If I missed your post, or you post today after I publish this round-up, please let us know what's going on at your place in the comments. Happy Saturday everyone!


  1. Posted my Pop Culture Roundup yesterday, as always.

  2. I am travelling to TN & KY this week and am looking for advice on fun stuff to do with the family.


  3. I'm struggling for someting to say - preaching tomorrow


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