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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Sunday Prayer

In my denomination, we seem more inclined to address God in prayer, rather than Jesus or the Spirit or Mary. I don't really know why that is, but I think about it often. I'll post about it soon. For tonight though (it's late Saturday night) I will address this prayer to Jesus...

Jesus, I have to think too hard to know what to call, friend, Lord, neighbour, sophia/wisdom, saviour, God. The list goes on. How about I just call you Jesus? In these late hours of Saturday I typically don't sleep. Instead my mind begins to process the worship we will share in the morning. It's not a stressful processing, but a seemingly necessary one for me. I've done it since seminary. I don't rehearse in my mind, so much as I prepare my spirit to offer what my more practical preparations have made ready. Thank you for staying with me all these nights over the years. It has helped.

I wonder Jesus, if we see you and recognize you in the ordinary activities of life. Your dearest friends had difficulty knowing you were in their midst, but partly that must have been a bit of shock. What about us? Do I see you in the people I meet? Are your eyes shining back at me from the bedside of someone who is ill and frightened and very glad for some company? Is that your laughter that I hear from the Sunday School children downstairs during worship?

Forgive me for the times I have not known you, and open my eyes and my heart that I might take notice the next time I catch a glimpse of you. Bless our worship, Jesus, and send us out to love and serve you. Amen.


  1. I had a hard time figuring this out when I became a Christian. For so long I had dealt with God, spoken only to God, I just didn't know how to begin to incorporate Jesus into the mix. Finally I settled on 'Beloved'. I pray to 'Beloved' and it covers all three for me! When I want to talk to(or hear from) Jesus specifically, I call him by name, or sometimes 'brother'.


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