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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Festival of Homies My A-S (actually A-M)

Congrats to Susan Rose who welcomes her niece into the world.

Jean brings us a toast and an opportunity to read Ben Stein's last column if you missed it. LutheranChik want to learn how to read music and wants us to read THE BOOK. James posts on romance and relationships and THE BOOK. A. Lin is attempting to follow her 10 month old's lead and let go of the couch.

Kim returns and takes us on a tour of this ol' house. Jo(e) is sharing the places she loves with friends and the daughter she loves with family. Amy asks us to see the humans behind the issues. Surely Sue is enjoying her ipod.

Sophia wonders if she is crazy. Jane Ellen has been busy and notes that there is A BOOK. Gavin is blogging a lot about Youth Ministry and I gotta tell you at this point in my life that is a lot like math.

Hipchickmamma is dealing with something we all have had to deal with. Hermeneuticland had a surreal moment in front of her church. Someone's 40... go here just for the song.

Hazlenut is reflecting on anniversaries. Net got some good words from the Bishop. Kathryn's 'j' side just bit her in the 'b'side. Leslee's got a new look of - cleverly enough - fresh cut flowers.

Follow Frodo to the funeral seminar and of course THE BOOK. Be patient, Cats is moving. Follow Eternal Echoes to her 5 minutes of fame. Ouch! Rest up Dylan.

Is this chaplain contemplative or random? Erin is moving on from her past. Tripp is tuckered out. It might be time to pick up a good BOOK. Clever Title Here likes this clever title, here.

Has anyone seen my jackhammer? Check out Chelley's random playlist. Cheesehead has received some grace in the nick of time and just happens to have a link to THE BOOK.

Cathy is looking for a vegetable or at least some balance to the Wednesday night fare. Carolyn has been cleansed. Blanket in the Grove needs prayers. She is comparing her apartment lease to the Old Testament. Geez Mindy, don't have a cow!

Kirsten is learning some life lessons. There are wildflowers against the brick wall. Jan has found junk for starving artists. And I post about the disconnection between generations as I see it.

By the way... did you hear about THE BOOK?!?!?!


  1. OK, I'm dense.

    I was wondering what book you were talking about.


    Mine have been shipped.

  2. Okay rm, now THAT's funny.

    Just about everyone had in very prominent on their sidebar. I was just looking for folks that had it announced as a post Tuesday or Wednesday.


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