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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Festival of Homies N-Z (or Maybe Just Z-z-z-z-z)

Hideeho friends! It's time for the Wednesday round-up of the end of the Rev Gal Blog Pals list. Please keep your hands and feet in the ride at all times. And please remain seated until the ride completely comes to a stand-still. Thank you.

Sister Steph at Narrow at the Outset invites our prayers for Sister Mary Ethel and their community.

Welcome back RuthRE of Now! In Lutheran Flavor. We missed you.

Pink Shoes wants to know how to meet new friends other than those in the blogosphere. You mean real ones, Shoes? Not imaginary friends?

Juniper68 confesses her parenting angst with us.

Add relator and fire warden to hats will smama wears.

Quotidian Grace tells us all about El Jefe's Jury Duty Day!

Caroline over at The Alabaster Jar needs our help! Please send her the greatest, funniest or most terrible advice you received from your mama. ASAP!

Mibi tells us about the connection between her daughter's 18th birthday tattoo and her Rector's 25th ordination anniversary. Sapere aude.

Oh no! Reverend Mommy has run out of her favorite lipstick.

Reverend Mother and C have had a mother-to-daughter talk.

Lorna asks "What are the two or three revelations of God (key Scripture verses) that are imprinted on your heart? She also blogs about self-worth, friendship and unconditional love. Good stuff!

Check out Songbird's random thoughts.

Prayers go up for Sister Christer as she updates us on what is happening in her world.

Good news from the PCUSA about Gulf hurricane relief on St. Cassarole's blog. Praise God!

Welcome to OTR Girl at Sojourning who is wondering where God is leading her.

Another welcome to swandive!

And still another to Rhiannon who shares with us her family matters. Prayers for your grandfather!

Pastor Amy has gone back to school, much to the enjoyment of her children.

Mary Beth gives us non-Episcopalian's a crash course in Singing Complines. And no, it's not a barbership quartet (That was MY first guess too!)

First Year Minister's Stacey has a problem.

Congrats to Sarah at The Episcobrarian on completing her Masters of Library and Information Sciences!

ppb's feet hurt!

Check out Figgy, the Contemplative at Mike's Mercy Blog.

Singing Owl is wondering "How do you connect the generations in your community of faith?" Any strategies?

Welcome to Ann at What the Tide Brings In! Thank you for the awesome morning prayer!

Zinnhead is feeling twitterpated because it's spring.

Have you seen Natty's "If You Comment" Meme?

It's been a bad week for the Vicar. Not only did she get pulled over for speeding, but she also put her foot in her mouth during her sermon! Oops!

And my favorite blog this week: Wide-Eyed and Laughing! Beth took a "How Sinful are You?" test and she found out she has a 34% chance of going to hell!

Personal note: Thank you all for the prayers! It will be all right. God's in charge!

Hope you enjoyed the ride. Please come again. Leave a comment if you wish! Watch your step.


  1. And at my place I complain about Chris Daughtry and share a sabbatical idea.

  2. Oops - that link to Stacey doesn't quite work.

  3. Sorry Susie! My nails sometimes get in the way of typing and one misspelled thing on the html will lead to an error message. It's fixed now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!


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