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Thursday, May 18, 2006

how much have i been fake drinking? (A-M)

Is it just me or do things look very different on the revgalblogpals website. Makes me think those matriarchs aren't as far away as one would like to think.

We are putting together an impromptu story and well wishes package for Miriam Hope. If some of our more creative types would go into the comments and wrap up the story, that would be great!

Other posts from the last few days include...

There is nothing ordinary about these numbers: 104 library books, 18 loads of laundry, 20 inches, 8 pounds, 7 inches, and one newly minted aunt! Our Bible bloggers post of mothers and kings and Luke. Jan has a couple of must-see posts on life values and guest lists. A raid on the inarticulate checks in and asks for prayers. Do NOT mess with this crossing guard.

Say hello to Abiding on the Fringes. Dance a brick wall and jo(e) original. All Manner of Thing checks in and tells us all is well. Poor Mad Peter continues his journey through grief with compassion and honesty.

Bad Alice is cranky. Kirstin is about to be homeless in Seattle. Can you help her? Bethquick has entered the world of clergy evaluations. Oh the stories I could tell you...

Blanket in the Grove has things to celebrate. Canticles is continuing her teaching on a positive note. Alright, who is the wise gal who requested squirrel recipes? Looks like Cathy will be knitting in a new home.

Chelley and Sarah have been on retreat. There has been a lot of singing over at Clever Title Here. Tripp is moving. I don't want to point fingers, but someone is a crabapple sourpuss. Christen honors us with a window into her soul.

I too was surprised to hear of Christians at the New Age Fair. What a cool idea and an even cooler encounter. Cats is back but having dsl issues. Leslee has got a nice view. Girl is sick. So is hipastorzwife2b. Kathryn is hanging out with Jesus of the Deep Forest.

Net is having a good week and posting strong! Do cats get irony? Will it be a boy or a girl? Hipchickmamma handed in her last paper.

What exactly is the liturgy for the blessing of a teddy bear? Jane Ellen gives us the link to a short guide to Christianity - a MUST see. Sophia had quite a weekend. Sue learned a painful lesson.

Jo(e) needed help getting out of the mall. Kinesis is continuing on her journey, saying good byes and looking forward to hellos. Yes, people actually do live in West Texas - James has the pictures to prove it. Welcome back!

Lutheran Chik is exegeting her fun. Jean would like us to check ourselves when we are looking for our remotes. Micahgirl has a proverbial kitchen sink. Check out these sordid pictures.

Our Festival of Homies pals will be home soon, hopefully with stories and pictures. Traveling mercies upon them and others who are away from home right now.

Comments welcome...


  1. Thanks for the round up. I've been busy all day. I had a poem picked out -- I'll wait until next week.

  2. I found out officially today that I've been accepted to the groovy sister novitiate!!

  3. Hurray Susan Rose!

    Yes, it's true, I've been playing with the template. This may not be the last revision. Feedback welcome.

  4. is it just me, or does this template not tell you who posted the entry? maybe i need to go back and take a second look....

  5. Apparently it does not. Unless I can figure out how to fix it, we will need to sign our entries. Wsa that you, will smama?

  6. Woo Hoo!! Way to go Susan Rose. (Is it appropriate to cheer and start a crowd wave for someone entering a groovy sister novitiate?)

    We'll light some extra tiki torches in your honour.

  7. I like it. It's different. And easy to read. And people could get into the habit of signing entries, right?

    Thanks! :-)

  8. WTG Susan Rose!

    And I like our new decor.

    Possible Water's asking around for Seattle housing for me. I love the web.

  9. Yikes! I thought I was in the wrong place! Or that the site had been hijacked. Then I blamed it on the after effects of the party.

    Songbird - can the font size be a bit larger? I have problems (get eyestrain easily) though the text in the comment box is GREAT thanks!!!!

    The black text on light blue works very well for me (thank you)

    isn't it funny though that I don't remember what it used to look like, only that it's different.

    Be blessed all and SusanRose I'm so happy for you.

  10. Me too Lorna, I thought oh where am I and how did I get here... but it looks great!
    Blessings Susan Rose!

  11. Friends, this is a re-worked Typepad template and I do not know how to change the font size. It appears to me to be slightly larger than what we had before.

    Lorna, if your eyes are bothering you, I would suggest you think about adjusting the view on your computer, not just for this page but in general. It can be done temporarily or more generally. If it's not something you know how to do, ask one of the teenagers in your house. I always ask mine when I am puzzled.

    There may be further renovations. I wanted us to have some color here in the party room. That white carpet will be very difficult to clean up when I get home. Jello stains, don't you know. ;-)

  12. To increase font size on *most* web sites, press "Ctrl" and the plus sign (+).

  13. It IS a cleaner look... is the background genuine snake skin?


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