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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ode to Miriam Hope

With apologies to those in Atlanta Lorna has requested that we stop the party in order to properly celebrate the arrival of Gord and Patty's beautiful baby girl, Miriam Hope.

As per her instructions: "we are going to write a poem or a story for the new baby and her family!!!"

Go ahead and fill up the comments with your thoughts, poems, stories, etc... and I will post them tomorrow afternoon as part of my round up.


  1. all it took
    was the announcment of your birth
    for us to stop
    in our tracks
    and focus on the important fact
    that you are here
    but not too early
    because God has it all in hand

    bubbles led us out
    into the sunlight
    where we blinked
    and re-focused.
    Committee meetings,
    and parties
    -even fun ones like ours -
    fade into comparision
    next to the news
    that a child has been born
    to us

    Welcome Miriam Hope.

  2. BUT what I actually said was

    with absolutely no authority whatsoever

    - I hearby cancel this meeting -whatever it was in aid of in the first place

    -and announce that we are going out to celebrate the birth of Gord's (Following Frodo's) baby girl Miriam Hope.

    Bubbles - you lead the way

    Sue grab the baseball stuff and erm the tequila (got any limes?)

    I've got the G&T (and water for singing owl who's the designated driver.)

    oh and Chippendale, you can forget about the minutes, but do bring along the pen and paper, there's a good chap, we are going to write a poem or a story for the new baby and her family!!!

    bubbles ... lead us to the shooter bar, I'm sure we'll be inspired there.

    to which will smama said...

    Lorna, good thing you excused the Chippendales dancer from taking the minutes. Apparantly he couldn't write and the whole paper was filled with these:



    pstt! Rev Songbird's been snooping around. So look busy with that writing (that'll fool her) and siddle over to will smama's place when you're done :)

    ok? see you later!!!!!!!

  3. How about a progressive story? I will start...okay? You all have to play or THIS IS NO FUN AT ALL.

    Once upon a time there was a happy family, mom, dad and children. They had everything they needed for life and joy, but something was missing. What could it be? Daddy Gord pondered this one day as he gazed out the window of his study. Suddenly a big black crow lit on his window. The crow spoke! "How unusual!" said Gord. The crow said.....


  4. Okay, Singing Owl I want to support you in this but all I can think of now are silly answers like "red jello with marshmellows" and "chippendales" so I am going to have to come back to this.

    Anyone else?

  5. The crow said...

    "What's the matter? Haven't you ever spoken to a crow?"

    "Well, not lately" replied Gord. "What's on your mind today?"

    "I was observing your lovely family. You and your partner and your children are so happy. You have such a nice yard, with lots of room to play and plenty of toys. I would like to join your family."

    (sounds of crickets chirping)

    "Um, that's really great that you enjoy our family. I noticed that you failed to mention the dog. By any chance has she been barking at you?" asked Gord.

    "A few times. But she will get used to me once I move in." the bird replied.

    "You seem like a great crow and all, but...."


  6. "...we are not looking for a pet bird. Even one who converses." "But" said the crow, don't you know that another baby is on the way? The stork said you would need me to......


  7. The stork said you would need me to flutter around looking busy, entertain the big sisters and ... well you know, that sort of thing."


    "The trouble is that I have rather an unusual ...


  8. The trouble is, dear family, that I have rather an unusual request. You see ... " and the crow went on to tell the story, weaving and spinning her yarn as if to build a nest. And as she spoke, the family settled back into the quilts that surrounded them, nestled into their softness.
    Occasionally Gord would shake his head, trying to clear his mind, thinking to himself, "Am I really listening to this crow?"

    And then the thoughts would disappear, and he would once again listen intently ... She told magnificent stories of travel to distant lands, stories that held more than a touch of the exotic and yet hinted at sadness, as the crow often flew alone.

    "So, you see, it is best if you let me roost with you as I am in need of a family." The crow sat there, holding her breath, hopeful of their answer.

    The family blinked out of their nest and looked at one another, sleepy still from traveling with the crow...


  9. Your birth is welcomed for the miracle it is
    For you are here and whole... with fingers and toes in place, fearfuly and wonderfuly made

    So we celebrate

  10. The family blinked out of their nest and looked at one another, sleepy still from traveling with the crow. The littlest one (now no longer the baby) piped up "Daddy I feel ...

    and promptly threw up.


  11. The crow said, "Just as I was saying! I am a magic crow who goes from family to family when new babies come, and acts as the nanny-crow to the already-children, and the new baby, and the so-tired mommy and daddy!"

    "And so now let me clean up this little bit of a mess and change the lovely little one's clothes. Then I will make you all a good supper and sing you to sleep. You know, we crows really get a bad rap. We are great singers! I'll see if Singing Owl wants to duet with me."

    The Gord family couldn't believe their wonderful luck! The crow went off to the kitchen and returned with a marvellous supper of...


  12. Red jello with marshmallows and chicken noodle soup. Because everyone knows that chicken noodle soup just makes you feel all right and warm inside. The family look around at each other and realized that there was so much love inside of this little family. In fact, there was so much love that they felt the need to share it with this crow. The crow already seemed like family anyway and she was such a good cook!

    Gord declared *You dear crow may stay but it is under one condition! You must....


  13. ... you must reveal your identity.

    at which point crow began to


  14. Sing in a voice that crows, real crows anyway do not have, and the whole family fell under the spell of the beautiful music, it was most important that crow should keep her identity hidden because.....

  15. it was most important that crow should keep her identity hidden because she was a REVGAL pal in disguise

    sent by God, her mission, should she take it - and she wanted to - so willingly - was to help the young Miriam Hope settle into the Gord family as smoothly as possible, so that she too would develop into a beautiful, courageous woman of God, and become a REVGAL pal in due course.


    Gord and family. Heaps of blessings, and showers of love on you all from all of us REV GALS & PALS

    Be blessed!

  16. Well well, that was quite a story.

    Thanks all. We are at home now and tryig to sort out the house. Hopefully a picture will appear at my place by this evening.


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