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Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day M-Z round-up

Lydia shared a sad story and will appreciate your prayers. (Thanks to reverend mommy for posting this earlier.)

the tentmaker celebrates his 39th wedding anniversary! Congratulations and blessings to Joel and Sandra!!

RevAbi has a moving post for Memorial Day; our prayers go with her nephew, who just enlisted in the Marines. Visit Jeff for a Memorial Day Prayer. Rev. Dr. Mom has some thoughts about the day. Then, visit will smama for some Memorial Day flowers...and come see me for random moments on this holiday Monday. Rachel offers her own personal round-up. St. Casserole planned some gardening and celebrated the flowers that survived hurricane trauma.

reverend mommy looks ahead to Pentecost, while Amy spent a day of inspired and inspiring planning with the worship committee.

OTRgirl shares some thoughts--okay, a rant--about The DaVinci Code.

Susan is missing a meeting, while Wendy celebrates her daughter's graduation! Rev-to-be-mibi sends us photos from her vacation in Jackson Hole; Ann was there, too, but she was leading worship (and the Vice-President did not show). Susan Rose haikus about vocation, while Quotidian Grace brings us Betty Butterfield on church-shopping. ("I want them to tell me things that'll make me feel good about myself.") And yodabeth is hot.

Have you been cyber-shopping at the ChickPastor Store? Lorna has been to Tim Horton's.

Scott shares a sermon about unity, as well as announcing summer plans. Lots of us posted sermons about the casting of lots in Acts 1: NotShyChiRev celebrated the ministry of the lesser-known faithful; reverendmother wonders about the element of competition; I wondered about what happens when we pray; and I know there was at least one other in the earlier half of the alphabet, our friend cheesehead.

Memes going around:
Your Seduction Style (Steph, seriously?)
Five Reasons I Think I'm Cool (purechristianithink--we knew it all along!)

And last but not least, Jean shares some interesting news about the luck of the retired.

If you post later in the evening, please feel free to let us know in the comments!

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