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Monday, May 29, 2006

Monday Eve, A-L

The Fun
Katherine has succumbed to the lure of photoshop... Gavo shares a great picture, and I don't think it's been photo-shopped.

The Not-So Fun
Against a brick wall isn't feeling well -- Get better! It appears that Christen has had a little run-in with a poisonous weed -- and addresses her immune system.

Transitions and Journeys
Stop by and wish Abiding a word of blessing. Whew -- Gallycat has moved and is getting settled... enough to start reading again. What a great feeling! Kathryn reflects on her son's trip to the scenes of war and the graves that mark them.

Random Church Things
Jane Ellen responds to Cheesehead's survey re: clerical fashion... How did I miss this survey? Check them both out! Talking about M-O-N-E-Y with church folks... always an interesting ordeal, er, adventure. Thanks, Sue, for sharing your thoughts about your experience.

Thoughts and reflections from worship
Cheesehead is listening, and encouraging us to do the same. RevAmy posts another take on the texts. Boy-oh-boy do I wish y'all had posted Saturday night... :). Lutheranchik weighs in with her thoughts, too. Jan thinks about sin vs. mistakes.

Peace to you all,
Pink Shoes

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  1. On Sunday, I posted a report and reflection on a speech Fr. Matthew Fox (_Original Blessing_) gave in Okla. City on Thursday.


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