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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Memorial Weekend A-L

Happy Memorial Day! Happy End of School to you teachers out there!

As QG noted, ReverendMother's Friday Five was such a winner! Go to the comments and read some of the responses. They're way cool.

Momentous Events
TammyJo graduated, and is taking ballroom dance lessons! StarvingArtist met Nadia and the Holy Spirit on a Thursday night. What an amazing encounter. Canticles has finished the school year and is job-hunting in earnest....with an awesome interview in Florida next week! Woo hoo! Good luck!!!

Bad Alice has had a birthday, and received a brownie. HBD! Chaplain Mom and her group are home from Taize. You must go read about it - truly a numinous experience.

Blanket in the Grove presents...ta-da...her first blog entry from the new domicile. It has a kite-flying field! (across the street, not in the house!) :) And, Amy's going to Ethiopia in June!!

And....drum roll, please....Kinesis has accepted a pastoral call!

Photo Gallery
Katherine has a dandy family photo, and a sermon, too. Peter has some gorgeous photos - it looks like spring! (And he's been to the doctor for the dreaded annual physical...and good on him! I'm going to start nagging my DH about this; thanks for the reminder.)

Mindy presents photos of the rest of the submissions in the Princess Mindy Memorial Cow Contest! Go vote, if you haven't already!

Bride Without Spot shares perfectly gorgeous photos of her garden, preparing for the momentous visit of Lorna!!! What a blogger meetup it will be! (I never get to roundup Lorna any more as her blog is in the other half of the list...but I'm tickled pink to read about her holiday and adventures!)

So many gorgeous photos at Sally's! You must go and savor them. Love During Wartime has great photos of vacation.

JaneEllen's getting ready to move and shares a gorgeous picture of her red dumpster.

We Wonder as we Wander
BethQuick is wondering, along with Anderson Cooper, whether Al Gore could be the next Richard Nixon? Sophia is wondering whether she and Computer Guy should really go to Camp Coast Care for a week of volunteering...with so many other things to be done. Preacher Mom's going to Montreat for a conference this summer. Anyone else going to be there? Inquiring minds want to know.

The faithful Luke readers are still plugging away. I love to dip in and see what they are thinking. Sarah is considering praise and The Messiah. Dylan's injuries are healing and she is pondering a new computer purchase. Leslee has started a new blog ( for her flowers, but will continue to tell us about Peanut and other things at the one we already know. Girl writes to Boy and goes to a baseball game. Hipchickmamma's had a crazy day, but she's getting an air hockey table. There ARE consolations...
IntegrityPastor is planting. And LutheranChik's found a fabulous, new (to her) public radio program.

Cheesehead has finished her sermon while doing the dishes. Now, that's multitasking. Clever Title has finished the semester and provides a wrapup.

Dash has a new one (new to me anyway) about which items of pop culture you DON'T participate in.

Kathryn tells us about her childhood memories of Ascension Day observations and tells how she illustrated it this year. Perfectly, IMHO.

HipPastorzWife is praying for many people.

The End
I think! Did I miss you? If so, please bring us up to date in the comments.


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