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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Memorial Weekend--M to Z

Reverendmother really hit the ball out of the park with her "I Believe" Friday Five! There were lots of players and responses ran from the serious to the light-hearted. Check them out by linking to the commenters on her post.

This Memorial Day weekend finds several of our bloggers on the road. Traveling mercies go out to Susan Rose, who will be in British Columbia and then back with the Groovy Sisters for a Jubilee Celebration; Lorna who is on a 1000 islands boat tour but still finds time to write about two new books she just bought; and Natty who has a full itinerary.

On Culture Watch: I have a post about the prayers of the Enron jury. Sister Christer shares a nifty list of podcasts she knows and loves. Jeff's Friday Pop Culture Roundup includes the book Gilead and The Movie (Da Vinci Code). He also has posts about the UCC's possible boycott of Hartford and shares links and comments to other stories today. He's a busy, busy blogger lately. And don't miss Revabi's very thoughtful post on Madonna's Crucifixion. Good stuff.

Personal Reflections Department: Steph celebrates the wedding of two blogging friends. Caroline celebrates her mother's "graduation" to retirement. Pink Shoes shares thoughts on why she is a Lutheran. Applying for a second job as a library assistant revives Revem's interest in library work. You runners out there will enjoy reading Rev Scott's posts and pics from his successful completion of the Fargo marathon--and heed his cautionary note, too! Being Shielded is busy connecting several degrees of separation. Mary Beth discovers online journaling and asks for prayer.
And there's more... St. Cassarole is praying into her distractions. OTR is having lots of problems with a very demanding client. Taking a break helps Stacey stay sane in the midst of an overscheduled week. Beth says the Smith class of '81 has it all wrong. Check out Amy's upbeat story and pictures of the college interns who have arrived at her church to spend the summer working at a camp for kids from inner-city D.C. How great is that?

What's your favorite/least favorite Pentecost/Holy Spirit hymn? Go over to Rebel's place and cast your vote! Also, Polar Bear is in dire need of fashion advice. Mark's blog has an unusual distinction while Twerpette finds ways to use the phrase " a fur and sneaky piece." Pam BG shares the link to The Bible Wasn't Written To You.

Thanks for stopping by to read the roundup on this holiday weekend! Enjoy your family, friends and whatever comes your way. If I missed your latest post, my apologies, and please let us know in the comments.

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  1. I just posted my latest (after today's roundup was posted).


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