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Monday, May 22, 2006

Merry Monday to all...

I'm back on the job and back on the blog after a wonderful week away from home and church. Due to a meeting tonight, followed by a date with Jack Bauer, I am rounding up early. If you post later, feel free to leave a note in the comments!

A few tears were shed when Wendy's daughter graduated. And I think Steph would be happy to leave school behind herself...although I may be misinterpreting.

Chickpastor wants to know if we shop at Wal-Mart. Jeff is back from vacation. Pink Shoes had a lot on her mind yesterday.

Quotidian Grace relates a tale of good times and odd speakers.

(This is the point at which Blogrolling broke down in the late afternoon. M-Q, if you posted later, let us know in the comments.)

Part Two, added post-24:

Rainbow Pastor celebrates Victoria Day, while Sage celebrates rhetoric and Willow praises rogation. Mibi takes the Brady quiz. RevAbi experiences technical difficulties, while Lorna is ultimately victorious over foreign outlets. Rhiannon shares a funny scene.

reverend mommy offers up prayers. Being Shielded ponders worship. Rachel grants forgiveness. Sister Mary Alternative envisions a holistic community center. Connie contemplates oneness. Natty makes note of an awesome prayer. And Mark offers up part 2 of his journey to seminary.

OTRgirl claims breathing is optional, but I would suggest doing it anyway. Amy finds a new maturity challenging. And Stacey has a new pair of shoes.

And I, your humble rounder-upper, am still seeking time and space in which to write about my amazing week at the Festival of Homiletics. I expect things to slow down sometime in July or August, for a minute or two.


  1. Come visit me! I've been lonesome without all you pals. Our house hasn't sold yet, but I'm just being impatient. The sound you hear is my teeth grinding.

  2. Thanks for changing the highlighted links feature... or whatever that is called. :)

  3. Don't thank me until I actually make it happen...


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