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Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday night round-up, A-L

Dear friends, I have to say that roving 'round the ring is always an interesting adventure -- I never know what I'll find! I hope that you enjoy the offerings of your fellow revgalblogpals.

Jennifer/Claire wants a dog -- really, really wants a dog! PMPeter has seen a fox!

Jan recalls some "thank you" gifts -- clearly some better than others!! Abiding is seeking pleasure, in the form of spiritual discipline.

Looking for inspiration to go out? A suggestion of good music? Check this out. And Katherine has found us book-lovers a fabulously fun new site! Girl has had a fabulous treat ... look at those tootsies!!

Stop by Bad Alice and say a little prayer for Firecracker.

Cathy has pictures of the baby blanket -- fabulous. And Cheesehead can change her own tire! Y'all are some talented folks, I'm tellin' ya!!

Tripp asks the question about spiritual but not religious. Gavo has a conversation with some elders -- and shares not only what he said, but what he didn't.

Cats is around, but she'd like to share a few choice words with her phone company/dsl provider.

Kathryn has a cute new car. Preacher Mom has a new gig -- and loves it! Flash is a guest blogger here.

Leslee might need a fire extinguisher. Brash has had quite the Monday ... and James had an unexpected visitor Friday night. Warning: spider picture. Although he does recommend the movie, Frida.

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  1. been blogging about Mind Body Soul outreach...


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