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Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday Left Behind Survey M to Z

Poor, poor Songbird is grounded at the Boston airport by bad weather, trying to find another flight to Atlanta so she can join the other RevGals who are attending the Festival of Homiletics (hereinafter referred to as the Festival of Homies) in Atlanta. I'm Left Behind in Texas with the rest of you who didn't go, so I am filling in for her with today's M to Z survey of the blogs.

Oh--and by the way--here's how they are going to recognize each other:

Cheesehead is wearing Red Tent toenail polish.
Reverendmother is the one with the cute baby.
Songbird says she has on a non-clerical beaded jacket.
Stacey will be the one who forgot to pack something REALLY important.
And Reverendmommy is the one with the pants held together with duct-tape.

The rest of us are partying here with Will Smama.
Now on to the survey...

Mother's Day was the subject of many posts over the weekend. Juniper98 was grateful her mother just stuck with it. Mibi shares a wonderful letter from her daughter, Strong Opinions, who is 18 and Reverendmother shares one from her toddler daughter. Carol celebrates her two boys and the child that is on the way. Since last year's Mother's Day, Swandive has learned many lessons. Amy is shocked to find that maybe she is just a little bit like her mother after all.
Mary Beth posts pictures of her Mother's Day trip to the dog park. Ann believes that the story of Philip and the Ethopian Eunuch is a story of true motherhood.

But Mother's Day also brought painful reflections from a number of you. Heather asks where Mother's Day came from and what about women who don't want or can't have children? When asked "where are your children", Polar Bear replies "I don't know." OTR Girl also found Mother's Day very difficult. Revabi says she has issues with Mother's Day and posts the words to "Faith of Our Mothers" which was sung in her congregation yesterday. Beth says she likes Mother's Day and Father's Day as long as she doesn't think too hard about it.

Religiously Related Posts-- Jeff wonders how to distinguish between making fans for yourself and followers of Jesus. Gannett Girl is studying Colin Gunton. RuthRe is having many thoughts on discernment. Susan Rose is singing Happy Birthday CST (Catholic Social Teaching). Congratulations to Mark on his graduation from seminary and best wishes as he continues the call process. Steph mourns the death of Sister Ethel and Rebel has a preview of Baby Boomer funerals. Pam BG is inspired by Miroslav Volf's book Exclusion and Embrace. The Sage fears the UMC is loosing its identity as a connectional church. Rachel has decided to be rebaptised in the Episcopal Church with her children.

Personal Updates-- Will Smama learns that The Boy will run if he has to! Jean claims the West is known for bread pudding with whiskey sauce. Heresy! It should be bourbon sauce! Welcome Chikpastor, a new webring member, who is contemplating shoe shopping. Poor Rainbow Pastor is having a rainy day Grumpfest. ~Okay, everybody sing: The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow!~ Revem and family have to look for a new house to rent. Shield the Joyous celebrates her 3,000th visitor--a guy from Australia, no less! Soozi is on her way to the Dominican Republic to make arrangements for a July mission trip there. Rhiannon confesses that life with her father is like hide and seek. Willow posts beautiful pictures of her visit to Bluestone Farm.
Today's Procrastination Tips: Check out Twerpette's list of 5 star netflix movies. Or play What is Your Political Profile? with Wendy.

Missed you? Sorry, please leave a comment. Have a great Monday--even though you've been LEFT BEHIND....from the Festival of Homies.

1 comment:

  1. Left behind and left out ... think i'll have my crisis now (laughing)

    seriously I had a minor revelation today about God's personal visit, linked with joy and emotions

    and also wrote somethoughts about unity (take my hand)

    our site was down most of yesterday. seems to be ok again now.

    Oh and I go 'walk about' come Friday when I skip off to Canada for a very much needed break. Prayers appreciated.


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