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Monday, May 15, 2006


The matriarchs are away at a conference.
Let's party!

B.Y.O.P. (posts)


  1. I posted the first picture of my new niece, Maggie, at


  2. Let's conga!

    And I will bring Sonic ice for the party!! Also, I will bring my *Red Tent Red* polish for anyone wanting to do their toe nails!

  3. Excellent picture!

    Excellent Sonic ice and RED polish. I will stick with the theme of alcohol and red and bring a variety of wines (mostly reds).

  4. sounding good.

    Finns are into saunas, so I'll supply that - it's a great place to relax, talk and laugh and you are dehydrated after so we'll need more to drink I think.

    btw my site is down and it's in no way related to this party your honour!

  5. Oh yeah! A sauna... bring that hot tub too and if Jo(e) is coming you had better make it two one sauna/hot tub for those she convinces to get naked with her and one for those who don't.

  6. I'm so there!

    I'll bring the beer (Molson's, natch) and the Pelee Island Winery's best.

    And how about some decadent strawberries 'n' chocolate to carry on the red theme?

  7. I'll bring red mojitos, sangria swirl margaritas, and red, red wine to the party.
    Saunas? Who needs a sauna when you live in Houston?
    I'll bring the A/C and the famous Texas Chocolate sheetcake, aka the Cake for the Apocalypse.

  8. Forget the hot tub .. there's a nice little pond just over here that calls out for skinny dipping.

    I'll test those chocolate-dipped strawberries .... just to make sure they are okay.

  9. I am totally willing to skinny dip for a good cause.

    I'll bring the red wine!

  10. we'd better have something to mop up all that red wine ...strawberries yes ... but erm aren't you TExans into steak and stuff like that too :)

    I mean come on, while the matriarchs aren't looking

  11. rachel, there is no good cause involved here. It is not like we will donate $ for every hour you are in the pond naked with
    Jo(e)... hmmm.

    Maybe we should.

  12. Count me in. Someone pass the strawberries....

  13. QG I am on my way over!!! when it is cold here I miss Houston!

  14. Lorna--

    Dang tooting! You know who's got the beef!

    I'll bring the red, red, steaks--big thick juicy--and we'll grill them over red-hot coals. Yummm. I'll add Portobellos for you vegans out there.

    A virtual feast!

    If you come to my place, you can dip (skinny or otherwise) in our pool--and right now the water is well over 80 degrees. I just checked.

    Last one in is NOT a red hot mamma!

  15. I am so IN!! But I cannot swim so I will be keeping my suit on! And PLEASE pass me a juicy steak...I just love how you cook QG. For the occasion....I have painted the town car of justice RED! So we can all pile in and make a run to the Sonic after the swim for jalapeno strips or onion rings. People are always hungry after eatting.

  16. I'm all about the clothing-optional sauna -- it's against my religion (ok, it's just my preference, but whatever...) to wear a bathing suit in a sauna.

  17. Bring back a cherry limeade for me, Mindy, while I wait on the latecomers...

  18. Hmmm... I'll bring the gin, the bleu cheese for my steak (yes, I'll share), and some cupcakes.

  19. THis is bunch of church chicks (and friends) so maybe we need some sort of red Jell-o salad? (LOL) How about some garlic mashed potatoes to go with the steaks...and I'll bring my favorite chocolate cake (called "Beter Than Sex Cake"--nope, it isn't but it is good. And some coffee with cream to go with dessert. How about some c.d.s? I'll bring Clapton and some Credence Clearwater Revival and...let me see...Lynard Skynard and other southern rock stars?

  20. Hey (muffled belch) please grab me another steak on your way over here and tell that chippendale guy at the grill to quit sweating on my meat (heh, heh, heh).

    Singing Owl, turn up the tunes and quit trying to get people to eat that red jello salad and put it in the naked hot tub where it belongs!

    And Pink Shoes, no I do not think wearing only bleu cheese and shot glasses is appropriate for your trip to the liquor store.

  21. Just got a call from Mindy and Pink Shoes. They are in custody of the local constable who ALLEGES that they caused a disturbance at the liquor store and Sonic drive-in by flashing more than the headlights of their red TTOJ. If you get my drift...

    I'm sure we can straighten this all out, but may need to pass the plate for a little bail money.

    Can I take one of the Chippendales with me down to the jailhouse to spring them?

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. eeerrrmmmm...I swear I did not flash anyone! I even have my TTOJ shirt on OVER my swim suit officer!

    I knew I could count on all of ya'll to bail me out!

    Does that red jello have marshmallows in it???

    And here your cherry limeade! See! I didn't forget.

    And I brought some of the red flaming hot cheetos with limon!

    Wonderful music!!

  24. I think the red jell-o has bananas and some sort of whipped topping on it. And I'm so glad that y'all bailed the princess and me out .... whew.

  25. oops just woke up ... did I miss some excitement? must have been the gin (blush)

    and ouch I think I burned. Now I'm definitely one hot red mamma!

  26. Whew! We made it to morning (barely). Someone get Jo(e) out of the pond and ask her to help Mindy and Pink Shoes write their apology letter to Sonic.

    Singing Owl, go tell Lorna that I think that Chippendale guy has rubbed ENOUGH aloe on her sunburn already.

    And no, QG you may not take the unused portion of the bail money and use it for the big wedding you have coming up. We need that to clean the mini-marshmellows and red jello out of the pool filters.

    And everyone BE QUIET! The phone is ringing and I am guessing that is reverend mommy or mother calling to find out how the sermons are coming along while they are away. SH!

    (See you back here later.) Anyone have a part theme for tonight?

  27. In this neck of the woods, Tuesday nights were always consistory (council) meetings. Maybe we could suggest things about what we wish we could bring to a consitory meeting to make them tolerable, but can't -- because we are the ministers *grin*. I'll start -- I think my idea will require another trip to the liquor store.....

  28. ROFLOL! I guess I will have to be the driver to get the rest of you hung over folks home. (AG pastors are teetotalers.) And someone is going to have to clean the naked hot tub. The Jell-o made a horrible mess. And WHO SCRATCHED my CCR c.d.?? Ah, the morning after the big party...I have a meeting with my presbyter today. Eek. My eyes are sooo puffy from lack of sleep.

  29. No, no singing owl - it is NOT the morning after the big party. It is the SECOND DAY OF THE PARTY!

    Our theme today/night is: things we wish we could bring to our meetings, but can't (thanks to tnqr rev)

    I shall bring the video games and a new cd for the owl. My bad.

  30. Oooh. Sorry. I misunderstood. Okay, after I meet with the presbyter (thank the Lord for under-eye cover cream) I will be back. I will bring my son with me because he will have you all laughing like hyenas. I'd love to bring him to board meetings. He is hilarous and could be a stand-up comic. (And he is cute too--and single. But be nice to him.) And now I'm off to make myself presentable for ecclesiastical stuff.

  31. What's a party without CCR???

    Things I would like to bring to a council meeting.....hmmm....a baseball mitt, a ball and a bat. When the meeting gets dull, we can step outside for a game.

    And later, tequila. What's a meeting without tequila? I think churches would run much more efficiently and meetings would be shorter if everyone around the table was anticipating a party when the business was finished.

    What goes in the naked hot tub on Party Day 2? How about bubbles???

  32. peanuts.
    I need salt after yesterday.

    G&T in the water bottles :)
    though as I'm really dehydrated some mineral water too I think

    oh and the chippendale to take the minutes :)

    see you all later :)

  33. Bubbles? Oh, he's some clown hanging around the shooter bar. If the Chippendales guy doesn't show up to take the minutes, we'll get Bubbles to do it in mime.

  34. with absolutely no authority whatsoever

    - I hearby cancel this meeting -whatever it was in aid of in the first place

    -and announce that we are going out to celebrate the birth of Gord's (Following Frodo's) baby girl Miriam Hope.

    Bubbles - you lead the way

    Sue grab the baseball stuff and erm the tequila (got any limes?)

    I've got the G&T (and water for singing owl who's the designated driver.)

    oh and Chippendale, you can forget about the minutes, but do bring along the pen and paper, there's a good chap, we are going to write a poem or a story for the new baby and her family!!!

    bubbles ... lead us to the shooter bar, I'm sure we'll be inspired there.

  35. ::looks around::

    What in heaven's name is going on here?!?!! It looks like a Risky Business theme party!!!

    Get your clothes on right now!!!

  36. Lorna, good thing you excused the Chippendales dancer from taking the minutes. Apparantly he couldn't write and the whole paper was filled with these:


    Ode to Miriam Hope coming up... check the top of the blog!

  37. While all of you poet-types are composing your odes to Miriam Hope, Mindy and I will take the red TTOJ out to replenish the party supplies. (You don't know how much I want to ride in the Texas Towncar 'o Justice!)We need more soda, adult beverages, bubbles, confetti and chocolate. Not to mention some real food--shall we just surprise you?

    Will Smama, Pink Shoes and Lorna are in charge while we're gone. And Singing Owl, definitely call your son the comedian to come over. We wore out the Chippendales and will need some new entertainment!

    Party on...

  38. Okay, I missed the party last night (I was writing a paper on physician assisted suicide - what fun!)

    Can I still come tonight? Can I bring tacky tiki torches to light up the outdoor part of the party? Oh, and do you think that hot guy tending the bar can make me a vodka and cranberry?

  39. Sophia, you bring tiki torches and you're in! How about some kareoke? Or maybe not, on second thought.

  40. So we'll have a South Sea Island theme? Hmmm...roast pork, pineapple and rice go on the list. Where can we get the little party umbrellas for the Singapore Slings? And grass skirts?

  41. I just happen to have some of the party umbrellas behind my bar.... I'll bring those, clearly. And some shrimp, coconut and rum to grill, too -- I make a yummy dish that involves liberal doses of much of that... and heck, if we can't be in Atlanta, at least we can eat good food, right?

  42. wwwhooo hhhooooo!!! 2nd night!!

    Oh yes we need Tiki torches and shrimp!

    I just gassed up the TTOJ and QG and I will be right back!

    We will have to go to the Sonic on the OTHER side of town tonight ~grins~

    And they thought ATLANTA would be hot! ~sheeze~

    *bunny hops her way to the car*

    QG you ride shot gun!

  43. ON MY WAY WITH THE TIKI TORCHES and everything needed for pina coladas!

    Hey, we should all get leid! I'll bring the cheap kind from the dollar store!


  44. Oooh, my aching head. Who spiked my soda?

    (You gals are sooo funny!)

  45. Okay people, you have had your fun so tonight it is MY TURN to ride in the TTOJ. I have got to get away from this yummy FOOD! Those Chippendales sure can cook.

    Mindy and QG I do not think the Sonic in Atlanta qualifies as "the other side of town" and I saw both of your pictures on the wall of the post office.

    Singing Owl has a headache from coconut juice and someone needs to tell her that cocktail umbrellas are NOT an accessory. How many of those is she wearing anyway... roll her over and look.

    And their are 482 (yes, I counted) leis in the naked hot tub.

    Seriously people, you have even managed to scare off Lorna!

  46. Lorna is not scared off...~grins~ she is just resting up for the next round!

    And Will smama....would you like to drive???

    Drats...I thought I was going to make it to Atlanta. Would that not be so cool! All the matriarchs come out for lunch after being preached to and there we ALL are festooned with leis and paper unbrellas and the Chippendales riding shot gun?!?!?

    Road trip anyone??

  47. i always miss the parties....

    [blows his noisemaker all forlorn-like]

  48. Aw, poor Mark. You need some R and R after graduating and going through the stress of interviews and such. Come on in...there's a bit of life in some of us yet. (Pulls cocktail umbrellas out of hair and nose and ear...)

  49. Love the tiki torches -- good call Sophia!

    Come on and party Mark, we're just getting started. The TTOJ will be back shortly with supplies.


  50. We're back! Amazing how fast the trip goes when you SKIP the trip to Sonic... and the police station... and Atlanta... oh, never mind! Thanks for letting me drive... that was SWEEEEET!

    Mark, quit hanging out over there and come on in. The italian food bar is to your right, there is more shimp and steak in front of you and don't forget to leave room for the fondue station and the ice cream sunday/cheesecake bar.

    We hired Jo(e)'s kids to be our band so sit back, relax and enjoy the food, your friends and the show.

  51. Yeah, Will Smama is a stick-in-the-mud. Mindy and I were gonna take it to Hot-lanta by morning. Shoot.

    Oh, well. We did stop at the fireworks stand. Mark, why don't you set them off at midnight?

    Who has a videocam handy? We can record the party and send it to the Matriarchs who went to the Homie Festival so they can see all the fun they missed. Don't forget to turn on the audio recorder so they can hear the band!

    Pass the pina coladas and the shrimp, Sophia.

  52. is just so sweet here....all this food and I have yet to gain an ounce!

    ~merrily heads over to the cheesecake bar~

  53. ooh! ooh! oooh! can we have a chocolate fountain???

    and when are we going to order the late night pizza (you know... too many high school lock ins, i can't have a party without pizza...)

  54. did someone say pizza?

    Sorry I got waylaid by the ice machine ...

    .... oohhhhhh look at the hot tub


  55. My lord Miss Agnes!

    See what I get if I go to choir rehearsal and do NOT check in on the blog comments...I miss the whole party!

    I'm there tonight (after another church commitment I'll be ripe for it!) and my poison is Sol beer. Mexican, with lime. I'll bring a plenteous plenty in case anyone else wants to indulge. If any of you can stand up today! :)

    See you in the funny papers.

  56. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  57. Alas, I cannot join you all this evening. I must leave town for three days. My son says he is having so much fun with the Revs. that he will stay and I can check in when I get back to see how he got home. He can eat lots of pizza, so get plenty. And he says Princess is...well...he says she's hot. He was shocked when I whispered her age. I think he thought I was lying.

  58. ROFL @ singing owl!

    I hear music already ...and laughter

  59. A-HEM! *clears throat loudly*

    I knocked and knocked at the front door, but no one answered. Evidently you can't HEAR ME back here with all this noise.

    Listen, I don't mean to be rude, but I live at the place next door and all this partying is really starting to get out of hand. I'm a pretty laid back neighbor, but the somebody moved the jukebox right next to the fence, which is right under my window and...Hey, is that cheesecake? And shrimp coctail?

    And how the heck did y'all get all those leis in the hot tub? *snicker, snicker*

  60. Spookyrach, it is time to take down the fence and I am going to send the major rabble rousers over your way while the rest of us take it down a notch. The matriarchs will soon be home and since we are all wiped out from the massive road trips, the strip searches, the gluttony and getting le... (no, I can't even type it)

    ANYWAY, get in your comfy clothes, kick back on the couches and bean bag chairs we dragged outside, grab your acoustic instruments and some snacks/beverages and let's chill out and enjoy this magical night with the clear sky full of stars, the perfect temperature in the air with just a bit of a breeze and the magic of imagination where we hit all the right notes and remember all the words... what should we sing? (if you name one hymn you shall be stripped and thrown in the pond with a VERY wrinkly Jo(e) - shouldn't she get out of there soon?)

  61. We should sing "Margaritaville" and the song that goes "Get me Two Pina Coladas, one for each hand".

    Also Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Gloria g-l-o-r-i-a, Gloria!,(does anyone really know those words?) and when we've had one (or several) too many, "Yesterday".

  62. Cannot leave you people for a minute...

    (Cheesehead shakes her head forlornly)

  63. I would like to sing "Rainbow Connection" and, since we're on the subject of pina coladas, how about the "If you like pina coladas" song?

    And Cheesehead, you KNOW you want to join in the fun!!!

  64. Cheesehead :)

    I thought you were - you know - elsewhere with THEM :)

  65. The best part about a virtual party...

    NO CLEAN UP!!!


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