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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Overheard at the Festival of Homiletics

Songbird and St. Casserole are strolling through the corridor outside the gigantic sanctuary of the Peachtree Road UMC, when a group of young women with babies and knitting beguile their eyes. On their first pass they flirt with the babies, but on the way back, they stop to say hello.

St. Casserole: Are you all clergywomen?

Cute Young Woman #1: Yes!

St. Casserole: Well, bless your hearts. You make me so happy. You are the future of the church.

Cute Young Woman #2: Wait until you see the t-shirts we're going to wear tomorrow!

Songbird (suspiciously): Why? What do they say?

Cute Young Woman #3: Don't tell. We want it to be a surprise.

Songbird (coercingly): Oh, please, tell us!

Cute Young Women 1-4: "Does this pulpit make my butt look big?"

St. Casserole: Now, where did you get that?

Cute Young Woman #1: CafePress.

Songbird: From the RevGalblogPals?

Cute Young Women: Yes, how did you know?

St. C and Songbird: We ARE the RevGalBlogPals!

St. C: This is Songbird!

Songbird: And she's St. Casserole!!

Cute Young Woman #1: I just joined! I'm Chick Pastor!!!

Much rejoicing ensues.

(We thought up a thing, and people know about it!!)

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  1. :-)
    That is just sooooo cool and exciting.
    Makes me wish even more that i was with you all, though. Maybe I ought to do something like this as my USA trip next year? What do you think....???

  2. Oh, how cool is that???

    Kathryn -- yes!! Definitely!! My present plan is to move heaven and earth to get to the Festival next year. The speaker list is amazing, and the company is clearly wonderful.

    Greetings to Chick Pastor from those of us back here, ya that's it, working....

    I don't know anything about the jello in the hot tub, really.

  3. Sue, that would be more believable if you didn't have bleu cheese everywhere... now pass me that towel.

    Seriously, that must have been SO COOL for you founders of the revgals. Congrats on an idea run wild!

  4. on a more serious note:

    Rev Stacey of the Almond Branch is at the Festival and just got the word that her father had to have emergency heart surgery. Please be in prayer for her and her dad and sister.
    She's is staying at the festival because he's in stable condition.

  5. Oh How COOL!

    Someone just speak my name there so I can say my name has been spoken in Atlanta.

  6. Praying here for Rev. Stacey and her family, especially her dad.

  7. I can't believe it, walked by the same group, but they were in conversation with some people. Wait that must have been you all. Welcome to Chick Pastor. Can't wait to see them wearing the tee shirts.
    I missed the dinner, was stuck back in Wadley with a crisis. Got in Atlanta too late. So I still don't know what you all look like. I been looking at name tags to see if I recognize names, but so far no. I put my revabi at the bottom of my name tag. Prayers for Rev Stacy and her family. Say a prayer for my roomie Lynn Dimon, they are having problems with her adult son, who has now disappeared.
    Ya'll keep the party going.

  8. The young girl network (as opposed to the old boy network) rises!

  9. Tomorrow morning look for a very fashionalbly dressed lady, a lady with beautiful long hair and knitting needles, a short plump lady with a computer bag and purple camera bag.

    We will look for you!

    Email me and I'll send my cell number

  10. Oh...that is all so exciting...I just love the thought of you all being together and gathering unknown friends as you go.
    And maybe, just maybe, I really COULD go next year? I'll hunt some info. Is it always this week in May??? Getting carried away here.
    but lots of prayers for all for whom this isn't being the easiest week, too.

  11. Okay, I have decided what I am going to wear so you can spot me. I am wearing a dark blue dress, with a short sleeve jacket with white stripes and flowers on it. I am 5'1", short short,(isn't just about all the women there), and overweight(and aren't the rest of us). I have on glasses, and short brown hair. I have though a southern accent. But due to the late night with my roomate, I will be coming late to the conf. But I'll look for you two and chick Pastor.

    Kathryn and all The Festival is in Nashville, Tenn, May 21-25. If you get your registration in before Jan 31 there is a discount.
    Sermons on the Net, //, has the link to the Festival of Homiletics. But I didn't see anything posted yet about 2007, they just gave us a handout. It looks good.

    This has been good. I met an Episcopalian Clergy Woman who lives in Florence, AL where I am moving. Yea.

  12. i think next year some of us that fit the rev, blog and pal part [and not so much the gal part] need to represent at the festival.

    we can't let the gals have all the fun without us!

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