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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Saturday Morning A-K

(thanks to Kinesis for this!)

My parents are here for Mother's Day weekend! a gift from my DH! Any particular celebrations going on with y'all? for that day or otherwise? (It's graduation time, too!)

A beeeg celebration, also from Kinesis: Announcement of her ordination as Deacon! June 3! Be there, y'all! Wear your red stoles!
Jennifer (Claire?) at Ordinary Time is an aunt! Welcome to the world, Melon! daughter of Nick and Nora (assume their surname is not Charles...?)
And, according to the little coundown thingy on her blog: TammyJo is graduating TODAY! In just 4 hours! CONGRATS!
Kristen is feeling BETTER!
Blanket has a new grove in which to rest (that means, she's signed the papers on the new abode!)
Chaplain Mom and her group are headed to Taize. They may even be there by now! At last, HOORAY! and Hallelujah!
Hey! Cheesehead wrote A BOOK! And received copies of it, too!
Tripp is still processing his new call and planning to start his tenure on June 1. You are invited!
Gord's got a beautiful 2 year old birthday girl, plus a baby still in the cooker. Great news! Three more weeks on that one.
HeavyRevvy had a birthday party. A SURPRISE!!

Cool Stuff
The amazing Sally tells her Christopher's story (don't miss it) and has done another 10 mile bike trip. More pictures. Love this.

Jan ponders the ecclesiastical mystery craze. (He ain't Nancy Drew...He's my savior)...
Against a Brick Wall has pictures to share from her camping trip, and some pondering, too, about where the current path might be leading. Bless you as you continue to discern.
Canticles is thinking about whether birthcontrol pills have contributed to the downfall of our civilization. And Cathy's been to a church supper where desserts were in the strong majority. How does that happen (but what's not to like?)

News from the Parenting Front:
Peter's daughter Em has asked permission to take the hymnal and the Mormon Bible to school, to look at with her friends on their free time. Now there's some inquiring minds!

Katherine's written a love letter to her favorite band, and celebrates one year of ordained ministry.
Hit the Back Button muses about the letter from the president of Iran to the president of the U.S.
Sophia writes a RANT!

Mother's Day and Other Strange Constructs
One of the things I love about this ring is how I am mothered here, and sistered, brothered etc., in wondeful ways. I believe it's a gift that we get more than one chance in that if our own mothers/brothers/whatevers were perhaps not picture perfect (ha) we can recreate and in some wise maybe heal those relationships together and in Christ.

Bad Alice is not all that crazy about the approach of Mother's Day, and muses about her own mom. Brother Terry writes beautifully about same, and shares a John Lennon lyric I hadn't known.

Just for FUN
Of course, you know you can buy ANYTHING on E-Bay. Including a hole in the roof of a church. Just go see Chelley for the details!
Erin's mom is playing the triangular communication game. (I stopped playing that years ago. As in, I love you, but I'm not playing.)
Sarah warns of the DREAD PARKING LOT, and Dash Loves A Parade!
Friday Dog Blogging? Go see Leslee for the true meaning thereof.
Girl has quite a lot to tell us about, and a great video, too.
Kathryn needs a new car. Preferably one she won't have to sell her children to afford.
Grandma Jean's reading about Dan Brown.
HipChickMamma is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And you know, I'm just not surprised!
This one is just for FUN-NY: Jo(e) and her friend were doing reiki,'ll have to read it for yourself.

Ministry Matters
So, when you have counseling appointments and jackhammering appointments at the same time, how does that work? ChurchLady tells us.
Net's received A Word. A good one, as it happens.
Ah, Sue. Wonderful words about ministry as hospital waiting room and vice versa. (She also has THE BOOK and a new IPOD!)
Amy points us to a great link that discusses issues vs. people - or rather, not making issues out of people.

Then there's that Friday Five
Played by HermeneuticLand101 and Gord. Did I miss anyone? It's on my list for today! And I'm sure more of us, as time allows.

Traveling mercies to the folks headed for the "Festival of Homies"... gotta tell you I'm giggling like mad at the thought of our RGBP cohort dressed up like rappers in Atlanta!

Please post any glaring omissions (or kudos if you like) in the comments section below! Everyone have a great day!


  1. Great Round-up. I finally posted my Friday Five this afternoon--Blogger's been giving me fits.


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