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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Saturday Morning Stuff--M to Z

Reverendmother debuted this week as Friday Five quizmaster and she got a lot of players. Check out the comments on her post below to see who played and link to their blogs. I did notice that Songbird, Miranda and I all named Christian Educators' conferences as the most memorable -- a consensus! Hooray for the DCE's !

Now let's see what you are all cooking up around the ring...

Related to Religion and Faith Posts--include James' post on seeking sources of inspiration outside the Christian tradition while staying rooted in the Episcopal church; Susan Rose points out that blogging is a feature of the emergent church movement; Micah Girl is struggling with her prayer life; The Sage is reading N.T. Wright's The Challenge of Jesus now that the semester is over; Lorna ponders one of the hard sayings of Jesus; St. Cassarole is inspired by the words of St. Theresa of Avila (we presbies CAN be ecumenical!); Amy spent the week listening to 4 sermons EVERY day (a glutton for punishment?); the SisterBloggers added another member to their webring; and Chaplain Lydia is joining the gang at the Festival of Homies.

Personal Notes--Lutheran Chik is so not into the Atkins diet that she is requesting a "kicking" potato salad recipe from her readers. Blessings on Pink Shoes who finally was able to cry for her grandmother. Caroline remembers her grandmothers and mother on reading this verse from Proverbs 31: "she shall laugh in the time to come." OTR girl anticipates a Mother's day visit from her mother-in-law with mixed emotions. Beth couldn't decide whether to accept the meagre refrectory dinner offering or set forth in the rain to forage for an alternative. And my daughter Babs gave me a scare while donating blood yesterday, capping off a frustrating week.

Pop Culture Notes--As always, check Jeff's Friday Pop Culture Roundup which yesterday featured the movie Mission Impossible, the TV show Angel and the group Widespread Panic. Gosh, Jeff, that made for a nerve-wracking week, didn't it? Speaking of Mission Impossible, the movie made Shield the Joyous ask what really matters in life. My fearless prediction is that next week the pop culture outlets will be all over The Da Vinci Code. Not that that's rocket science.

For the Light of Heart--Swandive (welcome to the ring, BTW) has a great Litany for Beer Drinkers for us. Spotted playing What's Your Summer Ride were Will Smama, and Susie. Rebel played How Sinful Are You, which has also been making the rounds.

My apologies to you, if you posted during or after I wrote this, or if I missed you. Please let us know in the comments if that happened. Have a good day and a blessed Sunday.


  1. I played the Friday Five, found my hidden talent, and mourned the loss of one of River City's finest.

    Also, is it just my browser, or why are the links to the blogs no longer appearing on the side of the RGBP homepage?

  2. Never mind, I found them--all the way at the bottom of the page.

  3. I went to a CE conference in March and it was brilliant.

  4. We (sort of) laid my grandparents to rest on Cape Cod this week.

  5. *bow*
    thank you so kindly for the warm welcome.


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