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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Woo Hoo!

I have book in hand and it looks good.

It's BIG.

There are a few minor typos that were not apparent in the first iteration of the book. One of the scriptures isn't bold faced. Maybe the typos weren't there for the first iteration -- I'll fix them (another really minor, as in on the very last page, Gord's name is bumped to the next page. Must fix.)

after I fix the typos (ooo, another, I need to add a space.) I'll upload the new file and all will be good.

If you notice any other typos, let me know at I don't think I could take the public humiliation of having them posted.....

And I will have to adjust the price SOON -- it cannot go onto Amazon etc until the price is adjusted.


  1. I'm expecting mine on Monday, then I can engage my editing super-powers and join you in the hunt for typos.


  2. Excellent. I was waiting for a post like this before I ordered mine. So now I'll probably have my copy by the end of the week.

  3. erm RM typos that sneaked through are NOT your sole responsibility so we can share the blame, the humiliation and the pats on the back too. :)

    I have ordered some books for Finland - and hope they will arrive on time. Now this is sorted I'll go ahead and order 1 or 2 more for folk in England including one for my mum.

    It's a bit dispappointing that lulu didn't have the good postage deal this time, but I suspect it was very bad for them economically given that postage really is very high. Sigh.

    well it's only money!

  4. typos repaired:
    the second June 3 is now June24
    Gordo's name is on the correct page.
    James something is now boldfaced.

    The price will go up on Wednesday -- and it will be on Amazon within a week after that.

    I've had one request for a Large Print version -- and other takers for that?

  5. Mine just arrived. Have to note that each of my entries have a mistake in them somewhere...word mix ups and such. Book is great though. Couldn't resist a little advanced devotional perusing.


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