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Monday, June 19, 2006

Monday A-L

Your Monday guest rounder-upper Terrapin Station here, while she of the Pink Shoes is away at confirmation camp. She has left you some random thoughts to consider over at her place.

Howdy and Welcome to In The Open Space, who is musing on eternal life.

Let's have a Word of Prayer
Blessings to Jennifer/Claire as she works through her first weeks of CPE and thinks about death and dying. (How is that renaming going, BTW? Should we call you one or the other, or both?) HipChickMamma's been sick. BrickWall has been camping, but not fishing...too tired. She's also preparing for a meeting with her attorney. Hang in there, baby!

You say you want to read a redemption-type story? Go see Contemplative Chaplain. She's got a good'un.

Updates on Folks
StarvingArtists is taking the week off from church and ALL the kids are getting out of school! Kristin shares an introductory piece she wrote for her church newsletter, and I enjoyed it too.
More gorgeous photos from Peter, especially of the handmade Father's Day gift. HeavyRevvy writes about Father's Day, too, and her TWO dads. Love during Wartime has another of those snazzy self portraits. Sally is wildly in love with God, and Cats is HOT! and in New England, yet!

Churchy News
Presbyterian Flavor: BadAlice is headed to work at Big Denominational Assembly. Watch the M&M's! Cheesehead is in Birmingham giving exceptionally good advice and fashion tips. HipPastor'sWife2B is missing her husband, who is there too.

Episcopal Flavor: Catherine's reporting on the General Convention. Dash is among many of us welcoming newly elected Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, our first EVER female PB. Others include Dylan and Marie (both writing from Convention), Emily, Sophia, & Kinesis (who has a great idea for those fussy Fort Worthers, too!)

Methodist Flavor: Net reports that the Annual Convention was one of the BEST EVER! and they were dancing in the aisles.

Just For Fun!
Mindy is playing in a flip-flop exchange! Hurry on over if you want to play! Brother Terry's telling great stories. Leslee's Peanut, too. Joe's got a great beach meme - I'm off to do that one, next! Gord's had a panic as Blogger ate his work (NOT FUN) but he got it back, and luckily now "it looks less like a wanted poster.") (This reminds me to save early and often as I work here! Thanks, Gord!)

Vacation and Travel Tales
Cathy's looking for her lost suitcase - it may still be crusing the high seas. :( Kathryn's headed off on retreat (in a perfectly beautiful place!) and has left something for our reading pleasure in the meantime. GrandmaJean is at an assembly but it's a family type and sounds like great fun! JaneEllen is finishing packing, preparing to move, and working Diocesan youth camp.

Hope you all have had a blessed Monday! Please let us know in the comments if I've overlooked you, told an outright lie about what you said, or mistakenly assigned you to the wrong denomination in my report on all the big shindigs!


  1. Despite being a bit rubbish in the gardening department, I've been to the Gardeners' World Live Show in Birmingham!

  2. Actually blogger ate the template code. All it would put up was a blank chocolate brown screen. All the posts showed up in the list but nothing, no profile, no links, no posts, no sidebar nothing. When I went in and checked the template code was simply not there (unfortunately I clicked on save changes by accident to sort of cement that lack of code in place). BUt hey, I like this new one better anyway and I learned the importance of saving a copy of the code...

  3. Mary Beth, I have to say I sort of love the idea of a Round-Up made up of outright lies...

  4. I have just updated my blog with a more pointed essay than I would normally write regarding comments made about +Katharine Jefferts Schori, and about how women clergy are compared to horses and other orthodox absurdities.

    Nuff said.

    Catherine+, slightly steamed at the moment


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