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Monday, June 19, 2006

Monday M-Z

Please welcome new blogger, St. Inuksuk, at Signs Along the Way!

Zinnhead brings you on the spot reporting, while from further away, Jean celebrates the election of the ECUSA's new Presiding Bishop! As do Susie and Rev. Dr. Mom and swandive and willow and Mary Beth and mibi. And even the non-Episcopalians, like Mark, are getting in on the act!

Quotidian Grace has many links to bloggers at the PCUSA General Assembly.

Sister Christer and her chapter are engaged in a meeting, too.

And Michelle at Pearlbear considers what is going on in several denominations.

Amy has the best story I've read in the past two days.

Julie gives some thought to the different world of hospitals--
and Susan pays a visit to one with her mom; I'm sure they would appreciate your prayers. Rachel of thesamesky asks for your prayers, too, as she takes off for a week. And Natty is really "illin'".

Susan Rose explores the readings for today and the contrast between holding on and giving away. Christine considers Kauai and the Solace of Ancient Things.

one foot contemplates the body of Christ on Corpus Christi Sunday. Mike celebrates the light and the Light. Rachel of The Big Dunk continues thinking about the Real Presence; how many priests *does* it take to make it happen, Rachel? :-)

And why would spiritual formation be under attack, wonders the Psalmist?

ScoG Blog had an important interview.

Juniper68 just can't get enough summer vacation. Lorna has been working hard at Church Camp. Just reading the schedule makes me tired! And Tara rejoices about last summer's work at a Special Olympics camp. And because it is that special season of the year, Rev. Stacey has some Rules for Wedding Photographers.

will smama lives in her own special time zone.

RevHRod brings us the beauty of God via Gerard Manley Hopkins.

reverendmother updates us on the divine Miss M. Not a babysitting crisis?!?!! Ack!!! Ginger brings us into the workplace.

revabi is settling in to her new home.

And at my house, we're celebrating a birthday. That's my reason for the early round-up; I hope you'll leap into the comments if you post later!


  1. I am so happy to be an Episcopalian right now. The rector of our church sent us an email that made me weep with delight--he's there and got to affirm the vote. I'm hoping he'll allow me to repost his comments on my blog!

  2. sorry my post made you tired (grin) I'm recovering nicely :)

    (((hugs and blessings)))

  3. I posted on Sunday about my retreat location--yay!

    My posts will be spotty (-ier) this week, as TO is for a few days. yay X 2!!


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