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Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday, Monday -- M - Z

maggi dawn received the best present ever, while Scott had a fantastic weekend. And Rev. Dr. Mom? We are still waiting to see the pictures of the Best.Wedding.Ever! On the other hand, OTRgirl shares advice after indulging in some Home Improvement.

St. Casserole celebrates the 28th anniversary of her ordination! Susan Rose prepares to open a new chapter, while Miranda finds new hope in her process. And congratulations to Tara and RevAbi on their installations! Mark attended as many ordinations as he could, but not as many as he would have liked!

Lorna is all at sea. The Psalmist wonders where we would turn if all Bibles disappeared? Sacred Art of Living shares a favorite poem.

Chicago Rev recalls the lifetime of a departed saint. Susie wants you to know Aslan is on the move. And go to Rebel Without a Pew for a lesson in Biblical geography. And stop by Smallest Angel for lessons on being a big brother.

We're still contemplating the events of last week's denominational meetings, particularly questions of inclusivity. PamBG considers life on the margins, while Mary Beth models the latest t-shirt commentary. After a suspenseful delay, yodabeth shares her thoughts about the new PB! Michelle at Pearlbear wonders why we feel the need to monster-ize our enemies? But Quotidian Grace really needs to move on to ordering wedding garb. Seriously.

swandive feels happy pride. Stacey is taking good care of herself! Rachel wonders where to find prayer time when the kids are home on summer vacation! The Polar Bear is back from camp!

Jeff makes me feel old because I've never heard of any of the music clubbing him to death. will smama complains that the local paper just keeps missing the point. And reverendmother asks the dramatic question: to blog or not to blog? Being Shielded would like to, but I hear her computer is not cooperating. Hurry back!

Friends, your faithful blog team is preparing to unveil a new schedule to be trialed during July and August. It is my prayer it will not drive anyone out of the "Communion!"


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  1. I have posted some new news on the post-Convention fallout from last week: a little something from the Archbishop of Cape Town, a letter from ++Rowan Williams, and some breaking news from the Diocese of Newark as they reject B-033 from the 21st and nominate a gay candidate for bishop anyway.

    I have tried to be other focused with my gardening article and I will persevere in that direction but some news is hard to pass up.

    So there I am, Songbird, an update for all.



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