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Monday, June 26, 2006

Welcome, New Bloggers!

Tonight's A-L (or really lack thereof) is brought to you by the letter T as in Tired, and the adjective Very. The letter F as in Family in town and upcoming Funerals, and the number 2.

It is my sincere belief that you've all written something brilliant and that you will share that brilliance with us in the comments.

As Songbird said, we'll soon be unveiling a new strategy for keeping us all connected... Until then, I'd like to introduce you to two new bloggers in the A-L section.

Calacirian joins us from Virginia and shares her thoughts most recently on eating and farming. Welcome!

Deep Thought joins us from High Wycombe, UK and is a youth worker with some 80s nostalgia (Pssst... She's also a new bride! Gorgeous pictures!) Welcome to you, too!

Stop on over and greet these folks -- you know, make 'em feel welcome and stuff!

Peace to you all --
Pink Shoes


  1. Flooded out here in the DC burbs. Missed an event I helped orchestrate and building levies in the carport. but we got through this round safely, after 9 inches of rain in three days. it was dicey, but we haven't floated away yet.

    And please, please please, send prayers as I am sending out the resume for the job I alluded to in a previous post! If any of the Methodists on the ring know folks at the GBCS office, tell them a revgalblogpal is on the way.

  2. Wooh...that's 2 new revgals whom I have a hope of meeting before I win the lottery for which I have yet to buy a ticket! That's really exciting :-)
    I blogged about our wonderful Youth Groups and their birthday service,- and I'm still working through my response to the Unpredictable Plant!
    Don't get totally overwhelmed by life,PS my dear! x

  3. Blimey! That explains my hit count for today!

    Hello everyone. Thanks for stopping by.

    God bless


  4. Whoelse beside Gallycat is getting flooded? And Galleycat, sorry I don't know anybody up there at GBCS, personally, I know more people at some of the other boards. I am sending up prayers for you, hope you get the job.

  5. We got some rain, but need so much more!!! Please send any extra to south Georgia!
    I want to know how we are going to stay better connected. Songbird please share!

  6. cathy, i'd upload some rain your way, but I have a feeling the cpu wouldn't like it. :) we got more than a foot in the past five days, but lo, today, there was sun!!

    songbird, if I can help in any way, the chaos that my life has been for the past four months has settled down considerably. and given that i've decided to apply for that communications position, it would be good practice. :)


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