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Thursday, June 29, 2006

New RevGalBlogPals Blog Schedule

Whereas we are now a WebRing of 163 blogs, and whereas the round-up duties have therefore become increasingly demanding, and whereas we are entering the summer vacation timeslot, your Matriarchs have conceived a new weekly schedule for the RevGalBlogPals blog.

Sunday – Sue will continue to post her prayer. reverendmother will be her back-up person.

Monday – Monday Mission Moment – Quotidian Grace and PureChristianIThink will host on Mondays. Check in on Monday for their first post and an explanation of how to share your mission project stories!

Tuesday – Tuesday Lectionary Leanings will continue under Cheesehead's leadership, with Sally as her back-up person.

Wednesday – We will present the Wednesday Festival, our version of a blog carnival. Each week you may nominate one post, yours or someone else's, to be featured in the Wednesday Festival. These posts must come from a blogger who is a member of the Ring. Send a link to the post, along with a brief description by midnight Eastern Time on the preceding Monday, to The hosts will be Mary Beth, Pink Shoes, net, RevAbi, LutheranChik, Mark, Sally and Gallycat.

First Wednesday: Ministry, Music, Sermons and Other Writing (this can
be anything you have written!)
Second Wednesday: Blogfun! Memes, quizzes, dog-blogging,
bloom-blogging, recipe blogging...
Third Wednesday: Life and All That: Family, Friends, and Crises and
Rejoicings Large and Small
Fourth Wednesday: Potluck!
Fifth Wednesday if it happens: Lagniappe Potluck! (that's "a little
something extra!")

Thursday – Meet the RevGalBlogPals! In this slot, will smama and reverend mommy will host blogger profiles and new blogger introductions.

Friday – The Friday Five will continue, hosted by reverendmother and Songbird.

Saturday – Songbird and Rev. Stacey will host the Eleventh Hour Preachers' Party. Come for ideas, encouragement and support!

The new schedule begins this Saturday, July 1 and will run through August. Feedback will be welcome. RevGalBlogPals has a new e-mail, with a link in the sidebar, and that is the best place to send concerns or celebrations about the new format.

Thanks to all who have offered to help!!!

Your Faithful Matriarchs (plus Mark!)


  1. Thanks :) You've all done a great job and look forward to Rev Gals Summer Style :)

  2. Sounds seriously cool. Proud of you all, for such creativity...and grateful that you spend the time for us. Hugs xx

  3. This is great, O Matriarchal Ones. Fab. How can we mere mortals help?

  4. Thanks for all the care and feeding, Matriachs!(plus Mark)

    Can't wait to get into the new schedule!

  5. Oh, this looks cool. And I have to say I am amazed at how big the blogring has gotten. 163! The blogroll is a procrastinator's dream come true ....

  6. Hey! How come no one emailed me about these changes?

    hee, hee, hee

  7. and me?

    I'm just excited to be in the company of such great people like the RGBP Matriarchs! :)

  8. Is there a name you want to switch to a blog moniker in that post?

  9. laughing at will smama :) and seconding Tripp - how can we mere mortals help? (grin)

  10. dang--163 blogs! I haven't even been here that long (a few months or something?) and I remember when I could literally just run around every blog on the ring in an afternoon. No longer. I am impressed with the plan. And if you desire assistance, please let us know! :-) (one of the things I re-learned during this year in Egypt is that asking for help is 100% okay and even desirable...)

  11. If there is, NotShy, I'm not catching it. Could you e-mail me and let me know what you think I'm missing?

  12. Neat.

    I've always been fuzzy on the concept of blog festivals/carnivals. But it sounds interesting. I'll learn as we go, I suppose.

    Looking forward to the new wackiness.

  13. ack! I was just thinking about how long I've been here (after my comment about it being "a few months or something") and realized I've been here since the beginning of October. dang. the growth of this ring is still incredible, as is the community, but growing from one-afternoon readability to 163 over 9 months is a little more feasible than the 3 I had imagined.

    Time flies when you're having fun!

  14. Maybe NotShy is refering to Mark, also known as Church Nerd. NERD!!! =o)

  15. Well, he signed as Mark himself, so I hope I didn't mess up!

  16. Some of us are such nerdy (or foolish) bloggers that we didn't set ourselves up with blognames from start. It hasn't been a problem for me, but then I haven't got a congregation about which I :)

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. Mark is ok. It's kind of a generic name. There are lots of Marks. Here's a fun fact: There's even a Gospel named after a guy named Mark.

    Neat, huh?

    p.s. REVMOMMY!!!!!!


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