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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Round Up: The Swan Song (A thru M)

Tune in to this spot tomorrow for an explanation of the above title...

Ordinary Time is marking time until the Big Day.
Does ministry fuel addictive behavior?
You gotta show your SAT English score before you take this quiz.
Katherine is experiencing the familiar.
Mindy is thankful.
Brother Terry is being corny... in a good way.
aBhantiarna Solas has had a glimpse of the Kingdom.
A boy's best friend.
Of true partnership.
Check out Chelley's cult.
Is any one else nervously counting down the days until she comes home?
Catherine+ posts on LGBT Episcopalians and the stained glass ceiling.
Welcome back Tripp.
Get well soon!
Contemplative Chaplain has serious plans!!!
Apparantly we have overwhelmed deep thought (be sure to check out her url.)
Speaking of deep thoughts... here are some from Eternal Echoes.
Gord gives us some Good News from his/your side of the border/ocean (depending on where you are).
Check out Leslee's tips... of trivia AND the bat cave.
Gallycat is looking for community.
Happy Birthday!
She made it home safely... that really makes us feel good in parts.
Grandma Jean, you go girl!
HeavyRevvy is back but sleepy.
Things that make you go hmmmm. No really you have got to go check it out.
Jesus to the rescue!
Jane Ellen is home from camp.
Sophia and Co. are downsizing.
Carmen posts on God and Culture.
Check out what Amy has been up to... and where she is.
Jo(e) posts of longtime friends.
Here is a bumper sticker not to be missed. It's here too and a t-shirt.
A. Lin has two articles to recommend.
It's VBS time... I am sure this won't be the last post we see on that particular rite of summer.
Lutheran Chik has posted the best essay on Aunt Flo ever. A snippet: Oh, the boys may have framed the issue in terms of their disgust -- but we women knew, down in our bones, that they were actually scared witless by Aunt Flo's feminine mojo. Yeah, yeah, yeah -- we'll sequester ourselves over in the red tent so we don't adulterate your masculine purity [nudge-wink] with our polluting [nudge-wink] "unclean" [nudge-wink] presence. [Whoo-hoo! The red tent!]
Have you said hello to Maggi Dawn?
Susan Rose has to wait until September 8th to find out what her daily life will look like.
Miranda asks us a morality question.

We are humbled that Bad Alice and Inner Dorothy have given us windows into their souls. Thank you both for your courage.

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