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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Saturday From M to Z

Are we a sleep deprived bunch or what? Reverendmother's drew over 30 players to her Friday Five meme about sleep. Hit the sack, friends, and catch a few zzzz's.

Prayer List: Micah Girl is struggling with anxiety and Polar Bear is hurt and angered by betrayals. Chaplain Lydia is battling a nasty upper respiratory virus. Stumbling to Divinity is very discouraged by the call process. Jeff is taking a blogging break to concentrate on the focus os his mission and ministry. The Episcopalian and Presbyterian members of RGBP covet your prayers this week for the ECUSA's General Convention in Columbus and the PCUSA's General Assembly in Birmingham.

What's Happening: Susan Rose is amused by outdated city ordinances. Congratulations to Jean who finished knitting her first purse! Can't imagine why Sister Steph would go on retreat right after Junior High Camp, can you? Rebel needs stylin' advice, sisters--Fashionistas, get thee hence to her place. Speaking of fashion, I'm betting that St. Cassarole and roomie Cheesehead are among the best-dressed at Presbyfest. Or at least they're not wrinkeld. CPE is causing Reverend Mommy to sink beneath the weight of unread blogs. Lorna is at Marcy's cabin on the shores of Lake Erie. Stacey is all about getting in shape. Ginger relates funny stories from customer service. Miranda is distracted by Britney Spears, the Dallas Mavericks, World Cup and General Assembly. Amy's son is reading a story that almost made him cry. And I'm collecting Daddyisms in honor of Father's Day.

Notes on Faith and Religion were posted by... Musings Out of the Fog who reviews the book Blood Done Sign My Name by Timothy Tyson. One Foot ponders the need for sacred space. Pam BG wonders if Christians should be asking " Have you fallen in love with God?" There's an interview of church musician Ken Medema that Psalmist wants you to read. The topic at The Art of Sacred Living is "what nourishes your soul?"

Welcome to Thesamesky, new RGBP blogger from the UK!

I hope you will have a great weekend. If I missed you, please let us know in the comments!


  1. I am blogging about my day today (Saturday) at preacher, blogger or procrastinator.

    I am in the break between two weddings I am officiating today, waiting in my corner as I try to shake off almost getting into fisticuffs with one of the guests from the first one. Yep, you read that right. So stay tuned...

  2. Correction. I wasn't at Marcy's cabin this week. That photo was taken a few weeks ago when I was in Canada. This week I've been slaving away in the kitchen feeding 40? workers at the methodist internation workcamp. Just got home - thoroughly exhausted but happy.,

    for the record Father's day in Finland is in November :) Thank God - I don't think I'd have energy to bake a cake :)


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