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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Saturday A-L

Glory Be!
LutheranChik got a good result from her extra mammograms. Not that they weren't painful. Kinesis is looking for a home and preparing for first worship with her new congregation. Sophia's house has SOLD! Hurray! Leslee's got some updated 10 Commandments.

Father's Day
Kathryn has a wonderful post about her Dad.

What's Up?
New self portrait at Love during Wartime. Contradictory Notions has a great recipe for us. Tripp's got some great videos of fiddlin'. Chaplain Mom is funeralizing. Lots of that going on. Brother Terry's heard a hard teaching...but a good one. Go see Blanket for some thoughts and info on bringing the troops home. Mindy's got a NEW cow in her collection! BethQuick is reading Brian McLaren. Kristin is settling in and listening. Katherine shares random thoughts.

Conventions, Conferences, and other Gatherings of Persons
Brash, Dramatic & Outspoken is among the group telling us about the ECUSA convention. I love what she wrote about the Integrity Eucharist. Emily points a little oopsie in one of the Convention headlines, and Dylan has another one. Catherine is reporting and writing, too. Cheesehead is writing from the Big Presbyterian Event, and I regret I do not know its exact name. She is working hard and rooming with St. Casserole, so fun will surely also be had.

PreacherMom is preparing for her week at Montreat. CamelDance is on her way to Ethiopia! Clever Title is going on retreat to Hurghada, and if you want to know more, go click her link. Cathy is on a cruise ship in the Atlantic!

Sue has the coolest backpack ever, and some other good stuff too. JaneEllen is VERY VERY SMART, in fact a genius! Go to the site to see if you, too, are brilliant. Hit the Back Button writes about the effect of bloggers on the Baptists. Net has been so very busy, but God sent her to all the right places. Gord now knows what Shakespeare character he is. Cats is home! that is, back in her house and back on the net. Sally is AWESOME! Chelley has a photo essay in 2 parts - please read in order.

Carmen gives a review of the new movie Nacho Libre, and HipChickMamma has a new show to recommend. Girl has been called down for dress code violations. Gee, I thought high school was the end of that!? SpiritMist is considering a tattoo...if want a vote, go see her. Peter's doing some great dog-blogging! Starving Artists considers control and relinquishment of it.

Jo(e)'s houseguest is afraid of cats. Really afraid!

Please Pray
for HeavyRevvy's friends Larry & Linda (and celebrate that she won race tickets via radio!) Gallycat's considering job changes; give that a prayer, and also Brick Wall for peace, and for safe travel on her fishing trip!

Blessings, y'all!


  1. Hi
    I am currently thinking and researching the concept of people having or needing a second space in which they are able to relax. I would love to hear your thoughts and reflections.

  2. re: Love During Wartime
    Thanks for the mention, but the link leads to LutheranChik's blog.

    Love During Wartime is at


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