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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Saturday A-L

Friday Five Ice Cream .... mmmmmm, ice cream. I didn't play, but I'm hungry now!

Beth has discovered a kingdom-quiz -- check it out! Sue plays the bumper sticker quiz and provides some silliness... marble drop players, check out that score!! LutheranChik shares some flowers! I love those! These are the affirmations that keep us moving forward!

Lots of ponderings happening for Chaplain Mom. Chelley's Teapot reflects on life as a blogger -- and some statistics!

Tripp's doing a wedding -- lovely thoughts! Check out Sally's blog for some sermon blogging...

Kathryn has a book recommendation for us! Jean shares her thoughts on the DVC... not so much of a recommendation!

Gavo points us to some other conversations that are happening. Sophia wonders why she bothers. Carmen thinks about community and the church's role.

Jo(e)'s With-a-Why has made a breakthrough -- oh, how I remember that process of sticking something in my eye.

PreacherMom has had a week worth singing about. James is back, too -- looking forward to the pictures that you'll post! Net has been home alone with the daughter -- sounds like a good time! Erin's back from vacation and has caught up on the news and blogs! 'Tis the season for family reunions -- have fun, Jan!

That's the round-up from your Saturday Sub -- Cheers!

If I missed you, or you post later, or you want to say, "Hi," leave a comment!


  1. Hi! And welcome back!
    This is not my part of the alphabet, but I did just post about an amusing occurence connected to a funeral earlier today.

  2. Glad you are back. Sorry if doing this added to your return-stress....hope you are breathing deeply! that was good advice.


  3. The round-up is fun -- it was a great way to get caught up on some of my favorite reading! And, the boy napped while I did it, so that was good, too!

  4. Hi from the Western Frontier in Oregon. I am blogging about reflection and gardening with a report on my own. There are some pics to go with, courtesy of Google Images [I don't own a wigital camera...yet].

    Thanks and happy summer! Be safe!


    "It's a time to have that name!"


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