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Saturday, June 24, 2006

IScream YouScream -- M to Z

It's great to return from a week of blogging events at the PCUSA General Assembly (otherwise known as PresbyFest) and catch up with my RevGalPals friends. No, I didn't attend, but watched via the miracle of streaming video and got a lot of information from commissioner bloggers as well.

Without further ado: the Saturday M to Z roundup of the blogs.

Reverendmother had lots of players for her Friday Five meme. Check the comments for the players and posts. It reminded me of a rhyme my grandmother used to say whenever ice cream was served: I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!


For many RevGals and Pals, the week was dominated by the General Convention of the Episcopal Church USA and the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA. Anyone reading the blogs knows that feelings were running high. Swandive posted a letter from her Bishop about the week's actions. RevMibi and Sister Mary Alternative each posted the open letter from African Bishop Akinola to the ECUSA, with comments. Ann posted her thoughts on the ECUSA GC. Poor St. Cassarole ran out of clothes at the Presbyterian GA in Birmingham, where she roomed with Cheesehead, but is now glad to be home, writing her sermon. Wendy still has enough energy after attending GA to host a "not-goodbye" party this evening!

Posts on the Christian Life:

Came from Mark who is closing in on a call to ministry, Christine Valters Painter (happy birthday, by the way!) who is exploring the inner rooms in her soul and urges you to do the same; PamBG who is out of college; Stacey who is noticing the imprints others leave on our lives; Psalmist who posts results of her favorite hymn/worship song survey; Jeff who explains his return to the blogosphere; Rebel who is seeking blogging buddies at a preaching conference in Sedona: and congratulations and best wishes for happiness to RevDrMom's daughter who is being married RevDrMom herself!

Alternative Friday Five: posted by Rainbow Pastor who asks you to name 5 things you are glad you learned or wished you learned in seminary or ministry training.

Day by Day:

Pink Shoes posts beautiful scenes from an evening ride. Poor Reverendmother is suffering the torments of the damned in Teething Hell. (((hugs))) Well, someone can walk and chew gum at the same time--or is it walk and knit at the same time, Songbird? Maggie Dawn's son proves to be very clever in his pursuit of playmobiles. That's Lorna yachting around the islands, enjoying midsummer! Pearlbear discusses the recent study showing Americans are more isolated from each other than ever before. Revem shares a random collection of experiences while Amy is involved in a Treasure Hunt. Has Mary Beth found her cellphone yet? I rejoice in my return to real life from GA-land.

Newest BlogThing--spotted at Susan Rose's--your bumper sticker. Hers is: Jesus is Coming, Everyone Look Busy.

Many of our bloggers are off, enjoying summer vacations or attending camps and conferences. Traveling mercies to all of you on the road. If I missed you along the way this morning, please update us in the comments.

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