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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Saturday M to Z on Sunday

It's summertime, and the living is...really rainy for a lot of you. Songbird inspired lots of players in her Friday Five questions about rain. Check the comments in her post to link to the players. My sympathies to you whose spirits are dragging in the dreary weather. You can send some down here to Texas where it's been sunny, hot and too dry.

On the Road Again! Rev. Mibi sold her house--congratulations--as she prepares for the move to seminaryland. Revem is also making plans for a move to a new house. The new space is completed and Amy Butler posts pictures to show the move to her church's expanded and renovated area. New Webring member Michelle Murrain of Pearlbear's Blog is looking forward to a road trip. OTR Girl finds Anam Cara ( a "soul friend") while traveling in Ireland. Speaking of Ireland, MikeF waxes lyrical about the Old Sod, Dorset and God's Creation. Lorna is still cycling after all these years. Steph wonders if she is REALLY on vacation. Poor Polar Bear's car is smoking with indignation over the heinous commutes to summer school. Want the latest from the Episcopal General Convention in Columbus? Check out Zinnhead's on the spot reports.

Assorted Weekend Topics: Jeff has a thoughtful review of Mark Driscoll's book Confessions of a Reformission Rev. Pink Shoes is up early and submits her own Friday Five on the subject of coping with sleeplessness. Rebel seeks advice about a tough judgment call. You'll want to read Reverendmother's letter on baptism, part 1. Reverendmommy posts the lyrics to the "song that always makes me cry." Me, too. Please welcome Christine V. Paintner, of The Sacred Art of Living, another new webring member. Her blog is " a place for conversation around the intersectiojn of spirituality, creativity and the arts." I know a lot of you will be interested in visiting it. Finally, I have an updated report on the case of the atheist church member.

Summer Fun: Rev Scott is playing the guitar in the pit band for a community theatre musical. Rock on! Mark can't wait to see Jimmy Buffet's concert. Rachel met a fellow RevGal at a kitchen party. There will be a gorgeous duet in worship this morning at Mary Beth's church. Susan Rose finally saw Audrey Hepburn's movie The Nun's Story and loved it. Miranda is tickled by pictures of the cat that treed a bear. Willow is knitting up a storm. And Yodabeth has discovered summer clothing!

Weather Woes, Continued: Our own Songbird is trying to find light behind the clouds with her yarn collection, 2 great movies, 1 great book, and planning a trip to the UK later in the summer (among other things), so she's doing alright. Rev Dr Mom confesses to weather-related anxiety anticipating her daughter's OUTDOOR wedding in a couple of weeks. As a mother-of-the-bride-to-be, I feel your pain!

Wet or dry, I hope your weekend leaves you refreshed and ready to tackle the new week. If I missed you, please leave a comment.


  1. I posted a sermon recap, and re-did my template too!

  2. LOL you can click on my name to get to my blog.:)

  3. Sorry, Jeff. I missed uploading your link. I've corrected it now!

  4. I posted some pictures of my beginning butterfly garden.

  5. I've been posting recently about the difficulty of being a "cool kid" and being Christian. There's been some trouble afoot in Sundae Junction.


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