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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Wednesday Roundup (Or Not) From N-Z

Sorry Gang!

As is usually the case when I "take" (involuntarily) a "couple of days" (four days) "off" (for Annual Conference - as if it were a choice!), my plate is full and the gravy runneth over and onto the table. No end-of-the-alphabet Wednesday Round-up this week.

Please give me grace and do me a favor: Add your own round-up to the comments. And I thank you.


  1. I have ranted about a recent comment by Angelina Jolie.

  2. so... in my excitement to share my news, i jumped the gun and commented on the wrong post. my blog falls in the N-Z category. but the news is exciting enough i figured it would be ok if i shared it here, too. so, go check out my blog!!!!
    stumbling toward divinity

  3. I quoted Luci Swindoll quoting Sophie Tucker and got some visceral reactions. In the midst of my married status, I've been musing lately about what singleness might have looked like.


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