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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Salutations on a Thursday

As reverend mommy is taken up with CPE for the time being, I'm filling in for her today and want to introduce two new bloggers to the Ring.

maggi dawn is a familiar name in the blogosphere, "an anglican priest thinking out loud about theology, life and faith." In a recent post, she wonders about the value of being authentic in describing our own faith struggles.

Jannine Maire blogs at Desert Faith, where she writes: "I'm practicing faith as well as I know how, learning all the time, within the Episcopal Church. I love Catholic social teaching and virtue ethics as well. Married to Ben and also devoted to a houseful of quadrupeds." Her recent posts discuss the actions of the General Convention and the source of her hope.

Please surf on over and greet our new members!

These additions, after our recent Spring Cleaning, bring us to a total of 160 blogs in the Webring. At this point, round-ups have become an enormous task, and your Matriarchs are engaged in a discussion of some different ways to use this blog space, with a vision of continuing to create community and to enable connections. The best way to do the latter is to visit other people's blogs and leave comments. Soon they will find their way back to yours, and the next thing you know you'll be rooming together at events and visiting each other on summer vacation!!


  1. Hi,
    I can only imagine with 160 blogs to read and manage it is becoming a little too much to handle. I sure appreciate what you all do with the revgalblogpal site. And I wondered what was Theresa's involvement was going to be with her doing CPE. If there is anything I can do to help let me know. I know I am a newbie, and not one of the originals, but you have my offer.

    I love Maggie Dawn. I get a lot from her.

  2. have you thought about adding a matriarch (or patriarch) or two, to help lessen the load of the round ups? What's the saying... something like "More hands make lighter work"? Just an idea...

  3. I've been thinking about this as well. I love Rev Gals, but I can't keep up! What to do?

  4. What a huge task, echoing the other comments, if I can help in any way just holler...

  5. I really, really appreciate the roundups because I simply can't get through all the daily blog rounds myself. I'd second the suggestion to add a few more RevGal reviewers to your rotation. I'd be happy to help.

    I've also found the weekly lectionary review most helpful.


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