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Monday, June 12, 2006

Well Met on a Monday Morning

Friends, I would like to introduce to you three new members of our WebRing and encourage you to go and say hello!

Meet The Psalmist, who says, "I'm a middle-aged Christian musician who thinks the two Great Commandments, the Golden Rule, and the Great Commission pretty much cover how human beings ought to live together." You will find her at The Psaltery.

And now say hello to one foot, who writes, "Having one foot in the boat and one foot still on shore is precarious but it keeps things interesting. One Foot is also about putting one foot in front of the other, the only way I know to work your way through uncertainty." You will find her at One foot in the boat.

And last but not least, welcome Tara at Praying on the Prairie, who says, "I am just a down-to-earth girl who has taken the call to follow God in Word and Service...Pondering God's Call in the wide-open spaces and prairies of ND."

If you are reading this and have clicked on the "join" button for the ring but don't see your blog on the list yet, it's because you haven't successfully added some html code to your blog. If you need help figuring out what that is or how to do it, please e-mail me at

And if you are a longer-time member and don't have the code on your blog, beware that this is the week for Blogroll Spring Cleaning. If you need help to re-install code after doing some template renovation, or if you let the code go because you really don't want to be in the Ring after all, let me know that, too. Thanks!


  1. new members terrific. Welcome :)We're glad to have you here.

  2. Psalmist is here! Woohoo! She is a long-time cyber buddy. Welcome, dear singer of songs and writer of wisdom! :-)

  3. i need to figure out how to put the code on my new blog. i mean, i know how... but i don't know how to put MY code on there... do you know what i mean?
    HELP! Don't delete me!!!

  4. Mark, look for an e-mail from me with Typepad instructions.

  5. Thank you, dear friend Singing Owl! (blush) And thank you also, Lorna and Songbird, for the kind welcome. I've admired this "bunch" for a while now, but didn't realize "non-revs" were included until I read a recent United Methodist Reporter story in which RevGals and The Reverend Mommy featured prominently.

    Thanks again for making me feel so welcome!

  6. Wow, I didn't know about the UMR story!
    Here's the link:


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