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Monday, June 12, 2006

Your Monday M-Z Round-up

Monday again? Why are the weeks whipping 'round so relentlessly? Here are some highlights for this Monday, M-Z, with a few from the latter part of Sunday, too.

Willow posts about the Feminist of the Day, who happens to be one of my favorite writers, Dorothy L. Sayers. Jean wonders if we'll ever be able to see.

Rebel Without a Pew seeks your input on a matter of judgment. And Sister Steph is clever enough to put a fold in her post, but she still needs your thoughts about youth ministry!

Zinnhead checks in from the General Convention. RuthRE shares what she learned on her su...well, somewhere. Carol reports on her Annual Conference. And swandive has lots to say about the Young Adult Festival.

Mark attended another sort of gathering.

ChiRev tells us what it's like to be on the No Fly list and how sometimes it's better not to take off at all. Musings Out of the Fog appreciates the kindness of friends. New RGBP member one foot shares her vision of Purgatory.

PamBG is in the home stretch! Pink Shoes is all about the acronymns. Juniper68 gets quizzed by her blog.

will smama enjoyed a visit to the Cute Dentist. (And we are glad you are blogging again!)

mibi has some mighty sweet grandchildren. revem attends a seminar on practical theology, led by her 6-year-old.

Lorna feels she has had a taste of paradise, and so does Rachel, but in a different way. Singing Owl explores how we feel welcomed, or not, in worship. And Psalmist is holding a survey of favorite hymns or worship songs.

peripatetic polar bear gives us the weekend highlights. The Vicar of Wadley contemplates a name change to go along with her change of address. And I escaped to a quiet place this afternoon.

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  1. Did you see how I said "'round" instead of "around?" That was my tribute to Lord Peter Wimsey...


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