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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wednesday Festival- Life and all that-Family friends and me too!

Wednesday Festival- Life and all that-Family friends and me too!

Wow my first blog round up for Revgals- thank you to everyone who has been so great at sending in the nominations- it is now Wednesday here in the UK so I am posting early for some but here goes!

I've got to start with the amazing poem published by St Casserole, reminding us not only of the effect of Hurricane Katrina but also of what is truly important in life.

Thoughts on family life include birthday celebrations; Jan's post about her sons birthday , another Happy Birthday to Purechristianthink who is thinking back over other birthdays.
More family life here from me as I reflect on changes

Juniper could do with some advice about meds

Carmen reports that the weather is hot, hot, hot! , on a more serious note she blogs about Seeking voices in the Middle East , Abi takes up a similar theme here

What can Sheba teach you?

Cathy is experiencing some strange goings on...

Christen can't get the respect she deserves- from her dog!

A couple of movie reflections here, and here.

Praying through Chemistry- it makes One Foot smile!

Teri reflects on her time in Egypt.

While Rachel bravely shares her experience of confession

Rhiannon can't believe shes not bleeding!...

Thats it for now- a whole lot of the Typepad blogs are down at the moment so there may be more later.



  1. Thanks Sally. Great Wednesday line up.

    There have been loads of computer problems haven't there? Grrr - imagine if the internet were suddenly not available. No. Don't think it would be unimaginable. And not just for the revgals community.

    I've been doing a lot of reading. If you skip over to my place there's something about panspermia among other things.

    Summer is definitely a time to pick up some light reading. Well what are you waiting for? (grin)

    PS hope the code works for the link...

  2. Lorna, it works beautifully!
    Our Internet/cable and digital phone were out for ten hours today. If Typepad was down, I wasn't online to know it!

  3. How frustrating- Typepad is still down and there are several nominations for Typepad bloggers- and now my laptop has to go to the laptop doctor... why does it feel like someone has removed an arm??? Have I really become that reliant on my computer???

  4. I know just how you feel, Sally.
    Typepad Bloggers, will you tell us if you have posted something brilliant, witty or otherwise necessary this past week about self, family or friends?

  5. I posted about my lazy Sunday. But now the topmost post is a book review. Come read both.

  6. I posted about getting away for a long weekend in Austin with my sweetie. We lazed around the whole time and didn't check the computer at all. (Well, he did, a little, on his palmtop. Fortunately, I could not!)

    This was only our third trip away alone in our seven years of marriage. NOT a good average, but I guess that's what happens when you start out with New Small Business and Kid On Board. Now that Kid is 17, w/one more year of high school and presently travelling abroad alone, we shall be working apace to improve it!

    You can read about it here.

  7. well done Sally, well done, even with internet problems, typepad complications and a sick laptop.

  8. I wrote an unorthodox interpretation of the classic western movie Shane.


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