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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wednesday Festival - Part Two

Getting in here quick before any other servers go down...

Lorna has some interesting summer reading on the go here

Songbird is dealing with all sorts of stuff, wow talk about "adding insult to injury!" on a brighter note have dog; conversations will follow!

Mindy is pushing on through; Still Blue Funky but winning

Leslee is in a reflective mood

Pam is getting ready to move into her first Circuit appointment and shares her last sermon in her home church. Some heart-felt thoughts here.

I'm sure I missed way too many excellent posts from this round up; leave your thoughts in the comments so we can all call in and see...



  1. I posted a response to a dear friend who asked me, "How does it feel to blog?"

  2. I'm doing that circuit riding thing in a thoroughly modern way. Check out "Blaze" in my blog.

  3. I'm pondering "the call" -- just what is it? Please stop by and share stories, because right now I am wondering why I ever thought I should be a pastor.


  4. Check out my blog. I have a post about an experience a couple of years ago and also have issued a challenge to all my readers. Let me know if you partipate.

  5. My Dance Party is coming up...any suggestions?

  6. At my stomping grounds I've left an update on my immediate educational plans. Since I never seem to stay at a parish long enough to go through a formal discernment process (and now walk with two parishes), I am heading to graduate school for my MPA. I'm longing to make a difference in people's lives and think my calling is steering me either toward secular public service informed by my faith, or through communications work in the wider world for a nonprofit advocacy organization, faith-based or otherwise.

    Stop by and let me know what you think! Oh, and I"ve lost 15 pounds since I took up swimming!


  7. I posted on my journey, a submission I made with application for a spiritual direction course. Found it helpful to blog it again...

  8. I took the liberty of increasing the font size on the Ordinary Time blog. Now I can read it without squinting!


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