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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wednesday Festival: Potluck!

Ta-ra-ta-ra! It's Potluck Festival Day!! (A little early, but you'll just have to deal with it).

You'll be happy to know that St. Casserole is doing just fine, thank you. And in honor of our potluck theme, I am pleased to share with you her photo. :)

Speaking of potluck, Reverend Mommy has had some outstanding fact, something completely different! She also took some perfectly gorgeous pictures. Which means she got to stand still for at least a few minutes, and I call that a mercy.

Cathy (of CathyKnits) shares with us some wonderful Scenes from Childhood. And reverendmother is playing a wonderful childhood game over again.

Rhiannon at Sunday! Sundae! Sunday! has a possibly controversial post --well, a ramble really-- on women, our responsibility to ourselves and society and what it means to be good. This one'll make you think, folks! (and I want to know more about that Mexico trip...!)

Go and read this post by Chickpastor, and then this one. Her church closed this past Sunday. Not only could she use some support, but her reflection about where she is has been beautifully written. It gave this reporter chill-bumps.

Sue is sharing some "Notions" about words that vanish from common vocabulary.

Songbird is on vacation, and guess where? With WillSmama! Hey, a meetup! and apstraight came, too!

Erin is seeking our support. I think she will find that her situation resounds with MANY of us. Hang in there, baby! And speaking of things we can identify with, Will Smama shares a classic pastor's lament.

Oooh, goodie! Jannine Maire of Desert Faith shares her take on the interwoven stories of the disciples on mission, the death of John the Baptist, and the feeding of the five thousand. As I know from lurking at the Preacher Party, those are hard stories to interweave! A beautiful job.

PamBG has posted on her silent Ignatian retreat here and also here.

Christine at the Sacred Art of living wrote about Nature as Icon Space and Into the Forest. She is also writing about the gifts of music and how God's hands are our hands in Be a Blessing. The latter theme was also addressed by Sally in this great sermon for a baptism. Sally also wrote about her family's scary experience on a sailboat in a storm. How appropriate to the lectionary! God is good and no one was seriously hurt.

Mindy has written the funniest story ever!

PilgrimScrybe is wondering about The Kingdom, here and also here. She's interested in YOUR take on this, too.

And finally I, hailing from Terrapin Station, have been considering who our clergy are, and who they should be.

Thank you to everyone for the nominations! They are what makes this Festival work, and I hope you will keep 'em coming! Nominating yourself is PERFECT! So don't be shy.

Blessings to you all.


  1. Hmm, I thought I posted this earlier.
    apstraight has a new blog, and I added the link to your post, Mary Beth! She has been a RevGalBlogPal for about two hours now!!

  2. Thanks Mary Beth :) Its there now ...

  3. Huzzah for apstraight! Felicitations!

    Blogger was exceedingly wonky last night. So who knows what you posted that is still out in cyber-ether... :)

  4. And so along with these great posts, and some people I haven't read. What's in the pot for us to eat? Whatchya got cookin' Mary Beth? A summer barbeque?

    Haven't quite decide what I am going to cook in my pot yet. Got to think about the heat. LOL.

    Maybe some broccoli salad....

  5. Last night we had a big pot of crab soup.

    It was supposed to be "She-Crab Soup" a la Paula Deen, but if you don't live near the coast (or aren't vacationing in Destin, *snif*) they can be hard to find.

    My DH loved it but it was too hot to think about soup. I ate half a (small!) watermelon for my dinner. Yummmmm.

  6. As noted, I had a real bad time with Blogger. If you notice that some of the links aren't linking you to the right places, please try refreshing your browser...and if they are still wrong, PLEASE PLEASE let me know. I keep changing things that do not stay changed!

    Clearly I wasn't holding my mouth right!

  7. Yay!!! Apstraight has a blog!!

  8. I was beginning to think that the work computer had realized what I am up to...but its just Blogger

  9. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for including me in the roundup. I really needed the support this week and to feel "heard" (or whatever the online equivalent is!) and I SO appreciate it. Thanks revgals and peace,


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