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Thursday, July 27, 2006

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood....


But first a public service anouncement: The Frappr map on the side bar is very exciting and finding out you live closer to a favorite blogger than you thought can also be great. Please be careful about leaving specific locations of folks on blogs and comments. Although a lot of us use our names and pictures and most of us could be figured out with minimal sleuthing it is still important to respect folks' desire to remain as anonymous as possible. Thanks.

Now for the good stuff...

Welcome Auntie Em!

In her own words: I'm seeking my role in Ministry in the United Methodist Church. Finding some interesting friends along the path. She is a cat fan and judging from the pics a very gifted knitter/crocheter, etc...

Welcome Church-stuff-More or less!

JD is new to the journaling crowd and has been on a Lutheran journey: Does the church make sense or do we make it too hard for people to come in? I think yes and yes and the task then is to make it easier. Maybe for someone out there, this will be the case. I write as a Lutheran (or, perhaps a Lutherpalian) although I might seem out of the mainstream from time to time. That's okay, isn't it? Let's blog on.

Welcome Transplanted Buckeye!

In her own words: Ramblings of an native Ohioan learning to live in the South. Sara is located in Texas now and from her posts seems to be enjoying it. I saw references to brisket, rodeos and wild pig as a menu item.

Welcome Listing Straight!

In her own words: I like lists. I have a toddler, husband, and church, so I feel like I'm going through life slightly off-kilter. Listing Straight is a long-time Revgalblogpal commenter and we are glad to welcome her into the official blogging community.

Welcome Sunday's Child!

In her own words: Sunday’s child looked, really looked, at the world around her. At that moment, a life filled with grace discovered a world with too little of it. She almost looked away, and she almost dove right in. But she found herself unable to do either. So she blindly waded into her indecision, searching for some light.

She just celebrated an anniversary so be sure to send your best.

Welcome all of you to the ring. It is so great to have you aboard!


  1. ... so many newbies ...GREAT!

    Welcome you are already one of us :)

  2. I agree Lorna. Welcome to everone of you. I want to say I tried to post a comment on Auntie Em's but her's wouldn't let me. boohoo. So Auntie Em I say welcome.

  3. Welcome everyone! :) Yay. Thanks, WillSmama. I love these.

  4. I'm a newbie to the ring as well - sneaking in this past week. I've enjoyed checking out some of the blogs here and look forward to getting to know the revgals better through our stories.

    BTW - I'm a licensed youth pastor in a Baptist (yes - Baptist!)church in Missouri and I love teenagers!

  5. Oh, Melissa, I'm sorry you were missed! Welcome to the Ring; we'll get you into the intro post next week.

  6. Melissa, I am so sorry. For some reason the webring listings put you up farther on the list - in between folks who joined on July 5th and July 6th.

    I will give you a proper introduction. Thanks and sorry!

  7. Thanks so much "revabi" and all for the welcome!

    Actually I joined as #43 last August 2nd, but had some hand surgery and other things going on in my life and had to quit blogging soon after the Advent Devotional came out.

    I hope I have enabled comments now. *rolls eyes* You can tell how new I am to blogging. I think enabling "registered users" to post should do it, right?

    I do enjoy keeping up with the variety of interests and wonderful people here and will try my best to keep my blog updated more often. There's never a dull moment here on "Rattlesnake Ranch, where the snakes rattle and the rocks roll!" *lol* (and yes, we do have some timber rattlesnakes...not too many...we have lots more rocks than snakes). ;-)

    Best wishes to all,

  8. No problem at all. This is one of the most hospitable blog rings I've seen. Technology still has the ability to trip us up some days.

    I look forward to getting to know the fine ladies of RevGal.



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