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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Did you hear about...

Melissa Hatfield! Melissa blogs at and is a Pastor of Children and Youth in Missouri. With that title you had better believe she keeps herself VERY busy. She has got a lot of fun pics, a variety of posts and a VERY cute nephew. Go give her a visit to read in her own words: random thoughts on faith, life and self.

Amy Yarnall! You can find her blog with the title faith musing (anyone else notice we seem to do a lot of musing in this ring?). I am guessing she has made the choice against anonymity with this desciption of her blog: Thoughts on life and faith from the perspective of a United Methodist Pastor in Chesapeake City, Maryland. How can you resist a blog where the topics range from sabbath to snuggles to war to binky prayers... Go ahead and pop in!

Victoria from Georgia! Read all about her at Nike's Psyche. In her own words: Don't think I could even begin to describe myself in 1,200 words. Let's just say I've accomplished a lot in the first half of my life and I hope to do even more in the second half! Be sure to check out her interesting conclusions about PT Cruisers and cats and it appears we have another editor in the Revgalblogpal hizzouse.

Kate from Virginia! She is finding her way In the Crowded Wilderness. In her own words: Trying to make my voice heard over the noise of the crowd. Thoughts on life, God, religion, education, and anything else I want to mull over. The woman has got quite a countdown going for when she goes to seminary/leaves her current job. Just think less than three years from now she will be counting down to graduation and going to her new job.

His Singer! If you love His plan even when you don't understand it then be sure to take a peek at His Unfinished Work. In Her own words: How God is working to continually mold one lump of humanity to His image. You will find interesting posts about God, family and relationships here with Biblical references to boot.

***Be sure to welcome all of our latest and greatest revgalblogpals!***

Stay tuned because later today we will be introducing the latest and greatest feature of the Revgalblogpal website!!!


  1. Oh a teaser. Now you make me want to find an excuse to stay home and work rather than go out visiting. Thanks.

    Waiting with anticipation...

  2. I'm with Gord. Sitting on pins and needles.

    And welcome ya'll to the revgalblogpals.

  3. Whoa! I didn't even realize that my name would be so big...I feel famous. Glad to be with y'all. Keep up all the great posts.

  4. I wondered why I was getting so much traffic! WOW! Thanks, y'all, for the warm welcome!

  5. Thank you all for the warm welcomes! It is great getting acquainted with the fine ladies of RevGal. Thanks for helping me spent countless hours away from work and reality as I read blogs and stress over trivia challenges.

  6. Binky prayers. I remember when we gave up the binky. Except we called them Baboos.

    Welcome all of you!


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