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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wednesday Festival: Writing the Walk: Ministry, Worship, Sermons, Reflections

Thank you to all the wonderful talented people we have out there who are on our really big show today. So lets get started.

We begin our really big show today with a meetup of St. Casserole with purechristianithink while she was in Mississippi on a work trip. Check it out at St. Casserole.

Michelle (Pearlbear)has a sermon for us over at Prophet/Bloggers. There is another sermon by Tawanda to be found at LutheranChik's "L" Word Diary. Theresa has a difficult sermon posted over on her blog, reverend mommy's random thoughts. Jen posted a sermon for us. Galleycat gave us one that she heard at her childhood parish. Teri at Clever Title Here has posted a sermon called "Lies all Lies" .

will smama has lost her sermon writing mojo. But before she lost it totally she posted this exerpt on a sermon for us. She compares our faith journey with a family car trip. (I sure hope it isn't like the family car trip I just was on.) But please go help her find her mojo.

Chickpastor has a really sad closing to her church, but there was food only she had to provide it. We need to lift her up in prayer during this time of grief.

Kate at hipastorzwife2B wants us to know her "religious history" especially about her; "Vocation, or what I've learned". Maybe it will inspire some of us to write about our religious history.

Erin at Construction Time Again is discerning her vocation; and had a recent experience with her husband’s family as his dear Aunt Dee Dee died. She blogs here and here about an affirming conversation with Dee Dee's daughter. Don't we all need that every now and then.

Sharon at Pilgrim blog progress writes about the results of her recent interview. Go congratulate her on her good news.

We interupt our regular broadcast to bring you up to date on the abduction situation at Songbird's. You Must Repeat go to Songbird's Set Free for further updates on her Laptop being abducted.

Melissa, one of our new members, at Melissa has a post on spilling your guts everywhere, no no that's not right either, it's called Open Vein. Why don't you give her a welcome, also.

Mary posted some meditations and thoughts about preaching at a raid on the inarticulate. Go have a look see.

Carmen at in the open space: God tackles the difficult subject of law and grace. Read her fine balancing act.

Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music, celebrate, "Celebrate the Friendship of Women" at The Sacred Art of Living by Christine.

Katherine at Any Day a Beautiful Change wrote some thoughtful reflections on not being confined to the typical pastor box which inspired JWD at Blanket in the Grove to do some reflection on Filling Whose Shoes?

reverend mother has a fine post that she has written that gives us a snapshot of something that happened in her life this weekend.

James, "Love During Wartime" has posted about a spiritual experience that he made reference to in the Friday Hot Five.

I am sad to say that neither Elvis or the Beatles were willing to appear on our show today, but I do have a post on the alligators you might or might not enjoy. And I thought you might enjoy this look into my office. Can anybody else's office top that? I thank you for letting me be your host today, don't know where Ed Sullivan wandered off to again? And now last but not least to close the show you have got to read the interview our own Owl's Song did for CBE. (It's in three parts). Enjoy.


  1. That was me at my childhood parish last week. :D

  2. Whoops. Thanks and I'll make the necessary change. That's what I get for trying to finish this post after midnight. And while I was making it for some reason blogger ate part of my post, and then wouldn't post. It was a bummer.
    God bless you gallycat.

  3. There were a host of Blogger server issues last night. I was trying to help a new potential member who found us through our frappr get her blog set up and poor woman kept getting error messages from Google, confusing her even more. Then I start getting them myself!

  4. I also got those error messages last night. Abi, thanks for perservering!

  5. Thanks for the support. It helps to know I wasn't the only one. Hope you were able to help the new potential member after all the confusion.

    So if you all see any other errors, please let me know and I'll change them. I was specifically having trouble getting the links to work even though I would take them from the emails and check them at their blogs. Hopefully it is working now.

  6. I haven't heard from her today, but with any luck today will be a better day.

    And thanks for a great roundup!

  7. me too! I was so confused with the google error...until I remembered about blogger being part of google now. (this is what happens if you've been with them long enough--you forget those minor changes! LOL)

    our internet was down at the time I wanted to email myself in for the festival...

    I posted a sermon (now the second post on the page) that I have to preach for my Committee on Preparation for Ministry on Monday for my Final Assessment. Comments and questions are welcome, as I am hoping to prepare before I get there! let me know what you think. The post is titled "Lies, All Lies!"

  8. While you're making corrections - and if it isn't too much trouble - the name of my blog is "Love During Wartime".

  9. James, I will do it. Sorry.

    And Teri, I'll add yours. I read yours and it was a good sermon.

    Thanks for the additions and corrections.

    No wonder the Matriarchs needed help and wanted to change the format. Whoooh

  10. This was too late for a nomination, but I would commend to you purechristianIthink's post about her trip to the Gulf Coast.


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