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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hello.... is it you I've been Searching for...

Good Lawdy!!! Our 'gatekeeper' goes on vacation for a week and when she gets back THERE IS A QUEUE formed outside the Revgalblogpal Welcome Wagon!

Chartreuse Ova From the blog: twisted lamentations, psalms, parables and ramblings of a Christian mommy. I was called to motherhood a bit later in life than most moms and I love it! Recently, I've begun to hear the echo of an earlier call. Only it is not growing more distant, but louder each day.

The Quixotic Pastor From the blog: Native Texan lesbian anglo female, enneagram 5, Myers-Briggs INFP last time I tested, partnered for 7 years and counting with my dear heart whom I dearly love and who dearly loves me. Originally ordained in the United Methodist Church, I am now a pastor in the Metropolitan Community Churches, the first Christian denomination to my knowledge not to only welcome gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people, but to affirm them as a part of God's intention for creation. I serve two pulpits in Mid-Michigan. DH and I have two dogs and are the domestic staff for two cats.

Sean From the blog: I'm the minister of South Valley Unitarian Universalist Society in Salt Lake City, Utah. I've been blogging for about three years, first anonymously, and then here. I have a partner and two teenagers, a passion for poetry, and an affinity for process theology and thought.

Sojourner's Journey From the blog: I’m on a journey to know more about Christ. Come join me as I seek Biblical truth. Grow with me as I allow Christ to mold and shape me into His image. Let’s experience life to the fullest, as God intended! I’m only visiting on planet Earth, my real home is in heaven…and one day, I’ll head for my mansion in the sky!

The Ear of Your Heart From the blog: The adventures of a canonical novice in a Benedictine monastery out in the boonies. This is merely my thoughts and experiences as I journey towards first monastic profession. I'm 26 and starting my third year in community. I'm studying the vows and learning the organ at the moment.

Mild Mannered Blogger From the blog: a young, mild-mannered blogger and his alter-ego--as a very new (solo) pastor--working together to find a faith and a church that might take root and grow in public spaces, in marketplaces, in dailynesses, between elections and the evening news...wherever we actually live and work and love and fall down.
and we're both thankful for the company...

News from the Wilderness From the blog: From a little corner of northwesternPennsylvania, this blog is a collection of thoughts about Art, Prayer and what is means to play hide and seek with God, then found. My teaching career is winding down after 30 plus years. Children are grown. I am feeling compelled to pursue another direction, the thoughts of selling the house and moving to land of pink flamingos is not in my future. I am pursuing work full time in the sacred arena, after having rejected organized religion in my youth. It draws me back in a rediscovery of what it means to be human, live in community and seek God together, through more mature eyes.

The Kitchen Door From the blog: There was this cheerleader who decided to become an Episcopal priest... Nope, not just a silly joke. Stay tuned as we see where discernment leads me.

Be sure to check them all out and give them a nice welcome. When you are done introducing yourself to them and you think we don't have enough diversity here at the revgals then please lodge your complaint at this website:

Have a great day everyone!!!


  1. Wecome to all who have decided to join this adventure and our diverse group of bloggeres (can I say that). And now your responsibility as the new kid on the block is....Just kidding of course. But what I want to know was I asleep when all this happened?

  2. Good job, will smama! And welcome to our new RGBPs.
    RingSurf is acting up, or there might have been more newbies. If you have tried to join this past week, and even if you have correctly installed code, RingSurf is not able to read it. Hang in there, and I will add you as soon as it is working again.

  3. Wow! Greetings, everyone!

    Quixotic -- my little town of Outer Podunk [not its real name] is, I think, not too far away from where you're at, if you're in the same part of mid-MI that I am. How cool is that?

  4. I joined a couple weeks ago - can you check to see if I'm listed where I need to be? Thanks!

    (who's been pondering changing user name and/or blog title)

    blog: Getting Out Of The Boat


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