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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

While You're Sampling the Potato Salad...

...a note that we are looking both for Matriarchs -- RevGalBlogPals with some "chops" in ministry who are willing to help mentor others -- as well as for more questions about ministry to which our present team of Matriarchs can apply their wisdom and experience. Dealing with difficult people in your parish? Don't know your pyx from your purificator? Want to find out how to fix the church boiler with duct tape and piano wire? Ask the Matriarchs!

And...I forgot to mention this in the potluck post below...if you would like to nominate a blog post of your own or another RevGalBlogPal for inclusion in our roundup this week, please add that link to the "Comments" section.


  1. I consider myself chopless most of the time but I'm probably among the older revgals out there. (God, I hate saying that.) Ordained 4-8-84 in my 20s. I'm happy to listen.

  2. j--i'll add you to the list as someone else mentioned you would be good for this. if you could be so kind as to shoot me an email at so that I can add you, I'd be much obliged.

  3. j--I'm older than you but have been a PW and seminary grad for that time. Am just now seeking ordination as the kids are grown. I'd sign up but I don't know how yet. We've been through plenty.

  4. As a judicatory executive staff person, I sometimes feel that I am out there busting chops rather than realizing that I may actually have chops of my own. Ordained July 1982 (almost 25 years!), and just turned 50 a few weeks ago. Except for my high school years, my experience is entirely within the free church tradition.


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