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Friday, August 25, 2006

Prizes! Prizes!

It is now time to reveal the meanings of the terms from our Brilliantly British Friday Five from last week and to award prizes for creativity.

Adverse Camber -- this was a roadsign seen as we tooled around on country roads with Kathryn, and it is a warning that the angle of the road will not be what you would expect.

Butts Wynd -- street sign seen in St. Andrews, Scotland, in a wide alleyway between two of the major streets in town, signifying that the alley was once used for archery.

Plague Church -- After the plague, people thought it was dangerous to live in the existing villages, so they would move away a bit and rebuild. They might tear down the old houses, but not the church. A Plague Church is found in the middle of a field, at a distance from the new village.

Free House -- a pub that is not owned by the brewery.

Mind the Gap -- a warning to watch your step as you get on or off the Tube. You can find this on a t-shirt, and my son brought one home.

As you may recall, Kathryn supplied us with four lovely prizes. To collect, winners will need to send me an address. If you are concerned about anonymity, I suppose I could just keep them.


Best All Around goes to The Vicar of Hogsmeade (nice blog name, too!), who will receive a lovely package of notes from Kathryn's church, St. M's.

Above and Beyond Prize goes to Rainbow Pastor, a non-Brit who thought up clever responses despite knowing what the terms really meant. She will receive a lovely booklet describing the history of St. M's.

For her brilliant definition of Adverse Camber, Carmen wins a copy of Kathyrn's Diocesan Magazine.

And finally, though all her efforts were good, take a special look at mid-life rookie's definition of Plague Church, for which she wins the highly coveted issue of the parish magazine for St. M's.

Thank you to everyone who played! To collect your prize, shoot me an e-mail.


  1. That was a fun meme and the definitions people created were fun to read. Thanks for sharing a little British/Scottish phrases with us!

  2. Once again demonstrating the Biblical truth that a smart ass can save your life (see Numbers 22) or win you prizes :)

  3. wow, really?! i'm honored! thanks! who knew my life as a mom would actually pay off like this. heh. blessings.

  4. Above and Beyond? Clever? Can I quote you to my Board?

    To quote a dear Lion, "Aw shucks, folks, I'm speechless!"


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