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Saturday, August 26, 2006

11th Hour Preacher Party

Hello! Welcome! Just step over the rummage (we're having a Yard Sale today) and come right in! Coffee is on, and I'm about to make a run to Dunkin' Donuts. What would you prefer? Muffins? Bagels? Donuts?

My sermon is underway, in the sense that it has stories about my trip, a concept about the presentation of the passage from Ephesians and a title. But the hardest parts to write are not written, and that will have to come later today.

Come up to my garret office, above the hue and cry of the Yard Sale, and we'll get writing together. What would you like me to put on the stereo?


  1. mornin' I am steppin' over the boxes. whoops knocked that one over,sorry, I'll pick it up. Muffins will be good. How about some movie music scores, I brough Stand By Me & The Big Chill.

    I am in the same place as you with the sermon. Got an outline, some thoughts and stories, but to put it together with the other words is the task.

    Right now I am headed to another church in town with some of our members to help with their Angel Food Ministries Program. Hope to be back by 12 or so. We are investigating to whether we will do this ministry in our church.

    Bob and the kids are involved in a multifamily yardsale. We took some of our items to sell, not the kids or Bob.

    I really love your hangout here.

  2. First one here? You know I love a yard sale!

    My sermon is begun, yesterday. I got about 500 words in and misplaced my mojo. This morning I have to go to a meeting I am leading for the committee of presbytery I moderate, then lunch with a friend on the committee, then I'm back at it for the duration. Have a donut for me, wouldja?

    Sure is quiet without WS, eh?

  3. I'm up and at it. (Picking my way through the boxes...ooh, is that folding bookcase for sale? No, must resist...)

    Movie music sounds perfect, and muffins too. I brought some more butter tarts (left over from last night's dinner, actually).

    I have some ideas and I've begun writing, but I can't seem to get an outline down. We're on the last of the David/Solomon stories and I know where I want to go, just not sure how to get there.

    And I'm off at 11 for a wedding way out in the country, with the reception afterwards, so won't get back til 7 or so...but I'll be back then.

    Blessings on your writing!

  4. Well, I'm not going to be officiating at that wedding this afternoon after all! Even as I posted my comment, the phone rang...

    So I guess I have plenty of time to work on my sermon after all--and the church annual report, and the laundry, and worship for regional conference this fall (which I have been meaning to get to)...

    Sigh. Pass me a pumpernickel bagel, toasted, light on the butter, please.

    Down to work...

  5. I dipped into the Episcopal lectionary for this week (nice to be ecumenical) and I've written a horrible sermon about Joshua. I'm deciding whether to try to revive it or start over, again. I would be much better at this if someone would watch the kitten for a while. He has totally disrupted anything in my house with a cord. pulled the pens out the pen cup and likes to walk across the keyboard. Regularly. Anybody got a spare child that wouldn't mind kitty-sitting?

  6. Church treasurer had heart attack yesterday morning. Spent most of the afternoon at the hospital. He appears to be out of immediate danger. Yes, yesterday afternoon was blocked out as my primary sermon writing time for the week. Oh well.

  7. I can't resist a yard sale, but I better not tell BW or he'll want to come over and see if there's anything we could try selling on E-bay. I hope he gets a call soon (ah the joys of a clergy couple). In the mean time, his e-bay hobby is taking over the parsonage.

    This Sunday,the youth are sharing from their huge conference last month, and their focus is on hunger. I'm still preaching on John ( I cheated and added a passage from Isaiah as well about sharing bread with those who are hungry) and struggling with how to link what they're talking about with verse 63 ("It is the spirit that gives life; the flesh is useless.") Right now it seems like my ability to string thoughts together is useless.

    I'll regret it later, but I could really go for a Boston Cream doughnut. Some coffee would be great too.

  8. Shortly after I put up this post, I discovered that my reflection piece for the local paper had been hacked up by the editor and my language for God edited to be exclusively masculine. I guess this plays into my theme of resisting the urge to concretize scriptural metaphors, but I'm not happy about it.
    I have some movie music right here. How about the soundtrack to "O, Brother, Where Art Thou?"

  9. peacepastor, we have a whole *box* of Boston Creams. They are my husband's favorite! Help yourself.

  10. PPB, 12 yr old daughter on the way ... you can send her back when she's 20.

    Sermon??? It's Saturday??? What happened to Wed, Thurs and Friday?

  11. Okay, I am back, I stink, I sweat, I tired, therefore I am.

    It was a great experience and Angel Food Ministries is such an awesome ministry. I pray we are able to get this off the ground at St. John.

    Vicar of hogsmeade, I wondered the same thing about the days of the week. What they are gone?

    And SongBird you take em on about what they did to your article. How rude.

    I think I am going to nap and then I'll mosey on back to get down to business.

  12. I preached Friday at the nursing home. I figured I'd do the same sort of thing tonight and tomorrow. Oh crap moment of the day? Looking at the bulletins on my desk and realizing that the lessons weren't what I'd used Friday, leading me to think that I was completely up a crick for tonight ... No worries -- those were the bulletins for last week, when I was gone. I think I just lost another five years.
    Of course none of this is to say that I'll be saying anything spectacular tonight, but at least I've been thinking about the accurate texts. Whew.

  13. Dear Lord, help to centre today...

    My ill parishioner has taken a turn for the worse. I spent the last three hours at the hospital with her and her partner. Very. very difficult.

    I'm here, trying to focus on the sermon, with my spirit back in the intensive care unit.

    Is there coffee left?

  14. I just made a fresh pot, and cookies are coming out of the oven. My other work tasks are done for today. After an errand with my daughter, I will be hard at work with the rest of you.
    Rainbow Pastor, I'm sorry to hear this. Hugs to you.

  15. Pink Shoes, thank goodness! I can imagine the panic you must have felt!

  16. I just got home from a church board retreat/visioning meeting. It went well, but I am now exhausted. Although I started my sermon early this week and have a big chunk of writing done, it's not terribly coherent, and the really tough parts are yet to come. Please pass the coffee.

    Also, I was very relieved to find that Songbird had opened the room this morning, as I had a sudden anxiety in the middle of the retreat that I was supposed to have done it. So, thanks be to Songbird for her most excellent hospitality, even amidst the yard sale.

  17. Boy you show up late to a yard sale and their ain't much left! Just came home briefly so I could check on the party and shower and my child could nap without slamming cabin doors punctuating is every attempt at such.

    No written sermon in the morning, but I have procurred catcher's gear for my discussion on Ephesians and I am banking on the 'grumpies' not showing up to outdoor worship at the campsite.

    Good luck all! Songbird, time to move to $5 for everything you can fit in a box.

  18. I'm back at it. I'm so dang desperate this week that I'm trying to drag in an image from the movie I saw last night--Little Miss Susnshine. That's not easy to pull, off, let me tell you. there any coffee left?

  19. How was little miss sunshine?
    Eating cold spaghetti here, and contemplating a break. I think we've reached the only one more edit then I give up stage.

    Anyone else want cold spaghetti?

  20. Well, I have something that I'm calling "finished". It'll win no preaching prize, but I think there's a word of gospel in it, and I think it'll make people feel affirmed in how we've been dealing with things lately, and encourage us to keep holding one another in the Light.

    Or I might be nicknaming it Clifford in a few hours.

    LMS is wonderful! It rocks, and my sides hurt from laughing.

  21. If we call a sermon Clifford, does it mean the message is Communist?

  22. I jumped in so so late this week! Chriuch clean up day this am and then the rest of the day out and about and now it's 8:15! But I have notes, I have an illustration, and I have a vague notion of where I am going. I also have a sticky space bar -- stupid humidity!

  23. I am relieved to say that I seem to have something. How about the rest of you? Anyone want some ice cream? Need a Pepsi as a boost? (Worked for me!)

  24. What's all this about Clifford? Is he coming to the party? I hope not, because I like to be the center of attention.
    Wroo wroo!!

  25. I seem to be done. My sermon is one of those obnoxious stewardship and finance sorts of messages, so I'm a little anxious about it, but it seems like it might be okay.

    When I'm done with my leftover pasta, I will totally take some ice cream, please!

  26. I'm most of the way through a draft, and I've realized I truly hate this sermon. I'm too far to start over, but I wonder if even I will be wondering what I'm trying to say tomorrow. I feel like I'm trying too hard and maybe relying on extras to get me through the service. I'm planning to have bread baking during the service (I love bread machines) and pass out pieces at the end as a reminder to share the bread of life we have received. I just haven't figured out exactly how it's all going to come together. This would be a great Sunday for the Holy Spirit to do amazing things (as if that wasn't always the case.)

    It does seem a little pointless to get all worked up over the message, though. Sermons may be important, but they pale in comparison to life and death issues. I think of you, Rainbow Pastor, and your parishioner and partner, and sermon concerns seem so trivial by comparison. My prayers are with you and all of us for perspective and patience in this process of preaching. How's that for alliteration :)

    Now it's time for more coffee. Can I get anyone a cup?

  27. I'm home. Need brilliance for sermon on Zaccheus. Actually, I'll settle for fun.

    Went by church on my way in town and found new AA has made all kinds of mistakes in the bulletin. Think we'll go ahead with it and just do the best we can---

    Yard Sale. Donuts. LMS. Clifford the Big Red Communist Dog. He's fun at every party, but Molly- don't worry- you are my favorite...

  28. Communist? They still have those?

    I thought red was for Pentecost. I thought we walked that big dog proud because the Holy Spirit would come like tongues of fire ... oh, wait, I'm starting to sound like a preacher and its not even the right sermon.

    Red, yeah, communist

  29. Sadly, when our bulletin has a mistake, it's always my fault, since I seldom have a proof-reader...I ran the bulletins off during the Yard Sale this morning.

  30. Maybe peacepastor should preach about the gospel according to Clifford?

  31. I hate to have to say this, but I am hitting the sack. May God inspire and guide you all as you continue writing! Last one here, turn out the light!!

  32. well, trying to carry this armor is wearing me out. I'm headed for bed.

    God be with your comings and goings. Preach on!

  33. I love reading these comments :) And can just 'see' you all as you whip up a new and fresh - or reheated - word to encourage the people tomorrow.

    Be blessed. You are doing a great job because you are faithful just as He is!

  34. I am not preaching tomorrow (save some space for me in 3 weeks), but I am the lay leader and I am giving the mission moment (which is about my call to ministry). So I had to write everything out--I can't get up and ad lib to save my life.

    I had to wait until the boys went to bed before I could start, but luckily I had written up a statement of personal faith and calling a few weeks ago. So I just tweaked that statement a little and wrote out a prayer for the call to worship. Now it is off to bed. As lay leader, I have to be at both services--and I am sure that 8:30 will come all too soon.

    May the Holy Spirit bless and inspire any still struggling with their sermons.


  35. Good morning, friends!
    In the immortal words of will smama (who is at camp this morning:

    1) Let it go... the Holy Spirit has got your back.

    2) If you've got a dog, walk it proud.

    And may I add, try to get a nap later.

    Blessings to all of you!

  36. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  37. Sigh, I never made it back online with you to write a comment, but I was with you in spirit as I wrote, and did the taking care of family and home thing. May God be with us all as we step into the pulpit, open our mouths and praise God.
    I am walking a mutt today.

    And Songbird that nap sounds good, but I have another sermon tonight.

  38. It's done. It's not very pretty.

    I was back at the hospital at 1 am; she's gone. Came back home after spending some time there, grabbed some sleep, am now deep into coffee before I start the phone calls.

    Today, the sermon just doesn't matter. THe service is going to be about coming together as a community in mutual support.

    My dog won't walk in the rain, anyway, and it's pouring here. Matches my mood.

  39. Rainbow Pastor, Blessings as you do this difficult thing today. Bringing them together is important work. I'm praying for you.

  40. Well, I *wrote* a nice sermon, but I spent the whole time tripping over my tongue. Not a pretty sight...

  41. Okay, that was me tripping over my fingers. Sometimes it's very hard to come back from vacation.

  42. Yes Songbird it is hard to come back and preach. Just pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and keep on going.

    Well, The Mutt decided to bark in the service. We had a guest soloist who sang so pretty, I don't think it mattered what I preached.

    Now, on to tonight's sermon. I really do not like this Sunday sermon thingie. Not at all.

  43. Well you all, not being a pastor (yet) I didn't hear anyones sermons today as husband and I were out in the POURING rain trying to be vendors under a leaky tent at an outdoor craftshow. At one point, my husband yelled through the rain at the soaked folks next to us, "Got an Ark?" I wondered how many people at his place really knew the story of the ark and the man, Noah, and about his obedience, albiet whilst looking rather foolish, building a structure for water travel in an area far from any body of water, all for the sake of the CALL. It's not a cute picture when you're out there doing what you are supposed to do and the folks watching are laughing and scratching their heads wondering why? Blessings to you all today as you preach, teach and reach. Well done good and faithful servants, I am praying for you all to have a sabbath Monday. Rest and enjoy the new day.


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