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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Trivia Contest!! Starts Today, August 1

Do you like trivia? Would you like to play trivia challenge with the RevGalBlogPals?

(Here is a button to place on your web site if you choose. )

Well, we have set up a Trivia Challenge just for RGBP and their friends. Here’s how it works.Go to here - go ahead and blogroll it!

If you do not have a created a user name and password, that will be your first step. After that you are set to go to play in the challenge.

The challenge involves:1. 10 questions – right now it is set to “Mixed Bag”, but that is subject to change.

2. Go to “Play Now” and begin the game.

3. Getting the answers correct and length of time determine your ranking.

4. Playing daily increases your chances of winning the monthly tournament.

5. Monthly winner(s) will be recognized – we’ll give your site meter a workout along with YOU getting to choose a topic for the day during the month!

6. You can monitor your ranking at the “standings” link at the top of the page of the quiz.

7. You do NOT have to be an official RevGalBlogPal ring member -

8. Say hello in the "Shout box" - that's a fun part of the trivia challenge.

9. A new tournament begins every month.ON your mark, get set, GO!!!!!

Thanks to Cathy of CathyKnits for this fun new feature!


  1. I played! That was fun, Mary Beth!

  2. Hee hee! I'm enjoying this too--top of the standings! Which will last only until the next person plays!

  3. y'all are some of the most creative people i know! like i should be even slightly surprised, heh. anyway, i'm counting my blessings that i stumbled across y'all! oh, and i played but (like tracy mentions) should have had some coffee before i started, ack. blessings.

  4. All thanks be to CathyKnits for this one!

    My favorite part of it is that you can only play once a day. So I can be obsessed with playing everyday, but it won't let me play more than once per day - a reasonable time-suck. Whoever designed this game KNOWS about me, Procrastination Queen of the Galaxy!

  5. Of course now that it's a *tournament* I didn't play well...

  6. Wow!!! 26 people have taken the quiz! How fun! Thanks for participating - come one come all! You can take the quiz once a day!

  7. Bowling? I have to know something about bowling? My parents were both champion bowlers but that didn't make it into my DNA.

  8. I've been along...mostly opera today, which was just as well, as bowling is way beyond me! But suspect I'll struggle to get back again before we go on our hols. Fun, though, specially as sermon diversion!


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